As this market continues to change, we are finding new ways in which we do business.  It used to be that we would run a great ad for our open houses and hold our breath hoping that this ad would attract potential purchasers into our properties.  Needless to say it “physically” required the buyer and the realtor to be there.  This was such a waste of time for everyone involved.  In fact, it took longer to find a property a year ago than it does today, because our buyers are now virtual.

Times have changed on Hilton Head Island

I am not saying open houses don’t work, but I am saying they are less effective than they were in days past.  Just last week we had over 600 people walk into our listed properties virtually.  These virtual showings turn into physiccal showings and contracts on our properties.  In fact, once we hit 200-300 virtual showings we have either sold the property or know that we need to tweak our marketing or have the seller improve the condition or price.  Check out the results below:

Is your property getting shown on Hilton Head Island? 

Our Hilton Head sellers get information every week from us about these “virtual” visits.  They see the number of new tours that visited their home every week.  This information is valuable.  If we see visits shoot off the charts on a particular property, chances are we will soon be negotiating a contract or get multiple offers.  If we see only a few touring a particular property we begin our investigation as something needs to be tweaked.  If you would like to have buyers virtually visit your property or would like to explore our Hilton Head Real Estate Marketing programs, please feel free to email me at or call me anytime at (843)842-0805.