St. Patrick’s Day is Thursday and most of us have noticed our yards greening up as the days are getting longer and warmer.  With spring in full action, now is a good time to be thinking of getting your yard into shape for this coming year.  March is the best time to give your yard and shrubs the first fertilizer of the year.  This has been a very cold winter for us and some cold damage may have been done to your plants around the house and may need replaced.  Last year was also a very tough year on lawns from damaging insects and rampant fungus, unfortunately because we live in the South, sometimes the best solution is lawn replacement.  When replacing sod there are some precautionary procedures that can be done to give your sod the best chances for thriving, that are not normally recommended by your average maintenance provider.

Water Conservation starts in your own front yard 

Also with warmer weather approaching it is a good time to be thinking of irrigation for your yard and plants.  It is a good time to check your sprinklers for leaks and check your timers for proper function.  Has anyone ever been driving down your road while it is raining and your neighbor has the sprinklers on?  Please, please, please don’t let this happen to you.  If you don’t have a rain sensor, GET one.  This is one way to help you feel green, Guaranteed!!  If you do have one please get it checked, they are not a very high tech device and can malfunction with just a few years of normal wear and tear.  Another good way to save on your water bill is to convert from spray risers for your shrubs to a drip line system.  If your home is older it was a normal practice to use risers, now since drip tube has been developed, you can conserve gallons of water by just watering plants and not your mulch and/ or house, which promotes wood rot. 

Are you thinking GREEN yet? 

Now that we are all thinking green, Natures Images Inc. would love to give you a free estimate for any of your outdoor projects, including Spring clean up, irrigation, design or renovation projects.  We want you to give us the opportunity to help you get green while saving your green.  Mention this article you saw in Robbie’s Bunting’s Blog and receive 10% off your next project.  Some of the trends include outdoor living spaces, container gardening and small custom water features that can be enjoyed with this great weather.  

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