April 1st is tomorrow and with it comes no surprises.  Hilton Head real estate sellers that go to market will get sold.  Last week we sold 11 properties and almost every week the number increases in the selling season.  If you are a seller and wondering why you are seeing few or no buyers, value is directly related to showings.  If you have few showings, but no offers, your value  may be a little off.  If you have no showings your value is really off.   When a seller sees lots of buyers and agents in and out of their property, chances are they will sell soon.

We are in the selling season, are buyers even looking at your property?

One of the best selling seasons of the year on Hilton Head Island is now until the end of April.  If you are a seller and are not getting any showings or offers, my suggestion to you is to adjust your value now.  If you wait it will be too late, because you will than be chasing the next selling season.  Once you see the buyers pouring in the door and get second showings you should be real close to getting an offer that you can work with. Sellers should know their Big Money Selling Price, their 60 day selling probability and the percentage that they are over priced and than they can decide the action they wish to take.