Recently we have come across some rippin deals on Hilton Head and Daufuskie Island for our out of state buyers.  The only problem is they are out of state.  What we have found is that for the low cost of a flight and a great hotel room on the beach, we can save our buyer clients thousands of dollars and more importantly help them tie up the property of their dreams.  Recently we had a buyer discover from our Free MLS Update that we offer a perfect property.  The only problem was she was there and we were here.  While we have sold homes, villas and lots sight unseen, sometimes a seller will let us lock in to the property before arrival.

Negotiate before you book that flight

Recently we have had Hilton Head buyers purchase properties virtually with a simple contingency in their contract stating that the purchase is “subject to a satisfactory on site visit within an agreed upon time”.  On the last sale we made this way, our purchaser negotiated on the property of their dreams and will be down here this weekend to see it for the first time.  The benefit for the seller is they now have a purchaser that is focused on their property.  In fact, this contingency is not much different than an inspection or financing contingency as it is usually satisfied within a week or two.

Don’t take the risk of time

Hopefully you can feel the confidence of this economy and can hear the rumble of the baby boomers again, because we sure are experiencing this on Hilton Head Island.  Every day we are selling several homes and villas on the Island.  As we advise our clients that live out of state, if you do see one that you know will work…make an offer with a visit contingency and jump ahead of this crowd.  If you would like to start looking and have not yet signed up for the Free MLS Email service, please email us at 800-932-3652 or fill out this form and fax it back!  Happy Hunting!