With the recent bumps in the economy, we have developed our skills at sheep dogging.  Now more than ever we have found that in order to get to closing we have to corral our sellers, our buyers, our bankers, our appraisers, our agents and even our brokers.  Seems every time we think everything is going well, someone strays off the pathway to closing.  Yesterday we had to pull a seller, a buyer, a banker and a short sale negotiator back to the path and tomorrow we expect more of the same. 

We are motivated to help you!

With a dash of caring persistence and a good positive expectant attitude we motivate others to step up their game.  Whether it means reaching the key person at a bank, the right words for an agent working on selling one of our listings, helping our buyers structure a complicated deal or  in some cases adding big pinch of urgency to get everyone off center, we as Realtors need to push these deals along.  The tides will someday turn and business will move along on its own naturally, in the meantime we will continue our role as part sheepdog, part Realtor.  After all, we love what we do and will do what  it takes to get to closing.