America’s economy moves when real estate sells.  It is that simple.  In every economic downturn, real estate has turned it around.  Of course real estate is selling again, but not fast enough.  One way to really super charge this economy is to refer your local Realtor or Hilton Head Realtor to just five buyers and sellers.  By referring a real estate agent, you will now be fueling the economy with new buyers or sellers and taking charge of our countries future.  The nice thing about referring a real estate agent on Hilton Head Island is that not everyone has one and many dream of someday owning property in a beautiful sub-tropical area like this.

What can you do to help the Hilton Head economy turn around?

Your real estate agent probably spends more time prospecting than actual selling today and we all need to be out selling more.  Buyers used to be easy to find, however now with the internet they are harder than ever for agents to identify and to help.  If you were to send your agent just five(5) new e-mail contacts from your sphere of influence, you would be giving this country a big boost and speed up the process.  Whether it is contacts from work, church, school, family, the club or acquaintances this grass roots move will help this economy move faster and forward.  It is really that simple.  Thank you.