When you are new to an area, it pays to be informed.  We have some tips that prospective home buyers should know especially if they are moving from another state or are first time buyers.  We can provide new residents and owners a copy of our Hot Tips as they come out weekly.  Too often people are fed costly lines about their systems and therefore we offer free second opinions on previously condemned systems.  In most cases we can make minor repairs and save our customers thousands.   

What’s your systems differential?

On our preventative maintenance report, we show the differential temperature which can help determine the overall health of an hvac system.  In the cooling mode, a 15-20 degree temperature drop is healthy, in the heating mode a 20-30 degree temperature rise is healthy.  If you have a healthy differential temperature but are told you need a new system, you might want to get a second opinion.

Improve your Hilton Head indoor air quality

When I moved to South Carolina from New England, I found I was sensitive to many plants and trees when they were in bloom. Over time, I have adjusted but it was a brutal first Spring. If your customers find their allergies bother them more than usual when they move here, a simple filter upgrade can save them money on expensive allergy medicines.  There are other options to improve indoor air quality but if money is tight, there are small investments that can make a big difference, especially for allergy sufferers.

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