One buyer from last year, just purchased their 3rd home because they put long term renters(greater than 12 months) into the other 2.  I called them before they closed on this home and offered another long term rental prospect, but the buyer wanted a place that they could use and enjoy(for this winter at least until we find another one for them).  We asked a local long term rental expert, Keith Miller from Miller Long Term Rentals to share with us some information about the long term rental market needs.

Contact a Long Term Rental Agent if you are buying or renting

Contact Keith Miller, by phone at (843)682-4310 or via email at before you buy a property and he can give you a Miller Long Term shopping list for Rentals of what is needed in the Hilton Head Long Term rental market.  Keith offered to go look at the property once you have found one to review it for the market.  You can visit their website at and use the password “gator” for a list of properties.  If you would like to search for a great home to rent long term until your ready to use it, please for the latest properties.