Happy New Year Hilton Head!  Behind us now is the fiscal cliff, the election and the tail end of the recession.  Welcome 2013!!  While we will look back on 2012 with love and affection we are very excited about the New Year ahead.  Below are the observations and expectations for 2013 Hilton Head Island Real Estate. 

All Part of the Food Chain!

The big dollar investors finally started cherry picking in Sea Pines last year(2012 see below).  This is a good sign as Sea Pines has historically been the locomotive which sets the pace for the rest of Hilton Head Island Real Estate.  Big ticket buyers will move into other locations around the Island in 2013 as price and locations attract them to look.  Inventories in the shadows will likely hold back values from appreciating through the year, but will help fill in the gaps as properties sell.  Early birds should be rewarded in 2013 with more negotiation on better condition properties at the beginning of the year! If you would like to tour the best properties, please click here.  If you would like for us to help you buy or sell, just click here and send us an email.  WE JUMP!

Hilton Head’s Financial Guru Predicts:

Interest rates will remain at historic lows in the 3-4% range.  Property values in Hilton Head will increase by a minimum of 10%.  Volume of real estate transactions will increase by a minimum of 30%.  Short-term rental properties will continue to hit record bookings.  Long term rents will go up by 15% and be in very short supply.  Please contact David Crowell directly at (843)842-4004 or by email at dcrowell@mortgagenetwork.com

Hilton Head needs more housing in 2013!

Long term rental demand starts traditionally in March and lasts through September as a general rule. The length of time it takes to rent a property is approximately 2 months, but it can vary, as a rental home that is rental ready, light, bright and updated will rent quicker. Furnished homes usually appeal to snow birds or people with a temporary need and usually take longer to rent. Unfurnished homes are the bulk of the long term rental market, as most people have their own furnishings. We feel the long term rental market will be good for 2013, as there is shortage of available homes under 2,400 sq. ft. We think it is a good time for people to buy, as prices and interest rates are low and the supply for available long term rentals is low. If you have questions about long term rentals or the information above you can contact Keith Miller at (843)682-4310 or via e-mail at Keith@millerlongterm.com

Hilton Head Vacations will be HOT in 2013

At this is the time of year many property owners renovate and update their homes and villas for the vacation rental season ahead.  This is also the time many owners interview and switch rental companies as there is minimal loss of potential revenue. The internet has changed the way people find a vacation property.  Properties in high rental demand during the summer include Oceanfront, Ocean view, and walk to beach locations. Home demand is high in 4 bedroom or larger homes on the ocean or near the beach. If you have questions about short term rentals or rental programs for your individual property, contact us and we will help you choose the best program for your property.