The signs went up last Friday and we are excited about all the business we are going to generate this coming year. Of course, several of our close REALTOR friends have volunteered for the overflow. Given the new year and the new business, we have listed below our resolutions for 2013.

1. Great Communication

Hilton Head Properties friends, clients, customers and fellow agents will receive excellent communication, constant contact and great follow up.  Every week our clients receive updates on showings, new listings, virtual visitors, best buys, changes in the market, financing updates, videos, feedback, listing reports and new ideas.  We are changing with the market and our systems in place will help our sellers measure the effectiveness of our marketing programs and our buyers will recieve up to the minute property posts in real time as they are listed for sale.

2. A “WE Jump!” Attitude

When an agent, client, customer or friend calls and needs assistance, our agents at Hilton Head Properties will all subscribe to the “Jump”attitude.  Nothing is more important than the person in front of us and we will put down what we are working on when you need us.  Our customers, clients and agents will know that we will Jump when they call on us.  Our clients testimonials reflect this now and will reflect the WE jump attitude in the future!

3. A good ever-lasting Impression

Our cars, office, marketing, advertising, communications and mantra will be to make a great first impression and everlasting good impression.  Our commitment to our sellers is great photography, meaningful well written property descriptions, fantastic marketing strategies, and presenting their property in the very best light possible.  This will separate our properties from the others.  It must be great and we will not settle for just good.  Our buyers will receive great market research, organized presentations, helpful maps, timely market updates and great properties.  As well negotiations are something we pride ourselves in and although these are some fun negotiating ideas, nothing beats experience.

4. We will exceed expectations

We have a form that helps us understand our clients expectations.  Afterall we cannot exceed them if we do not know what they are.  Some of the benefits that we offer in working with us a free 2 hour staging, free landscape review, a free re-inspection for our buyers by their chosen property inspector, a free 2 Year CHAMP Warranty for our buyers , free “second opinion” for our buyers and sellers, free no commitment property review for property owners, free Hilton Head weekly email update, free financial consultation by our financial guru, free monthly market trend reports, free real estate consultation with an attorney prior to signing a contract, free confidential conversations with our short sale specialist, and free estimates by our contractors .

5. We will find the best Experts

Almost every day we arrange repairs, replacement, fixing, shopping, inspecting, furnishing, accessorizing, researching or in some way helping our clients improve their properties. Our vendors and service providers must receive positive reviews and comments by our clients to continue to be referred by us (we love feedback). These service providers must also be properly insured and licensed whether selling, buying, fixing or just researching.  Email us or call anytime for our up an up to date recommendation or property review(if you are unsure what you may need to enter the market).

6. We will blanket the Internet 

Over 90% of the buyers go to the internet to search real estate, therefore we will be 100% of the places they go.  Therefore we advertise and promote our properties in thousands of places on the internet.  The bigger our network, the better the odds for our clients success.  We own Zurple searches, own Hilton Head zip codes in Zillow, host a blog in Trulia, have the elite package in, blogs on Active Rain, have a fans page on Facebook, a Linked In account, google+,, YouTube,, Hilton Head MLS, and many internet sites and newspapers around the world thanks to List Hub.

7. We will help others!

We will make it easy for others to succeed. We want our buyers, sellers and fellow agents to say “that was easy” when they work with an agent from Hilton Head Properties.  We will be honest and forthright in a timely manner on all the issues to our sellers.  Our buyers will recieve information as it hits the market.  For both our buyer and seller clients we will move their contracts along and get them ratified quickly when we get started.  It is too easy to get bumped out of deal or lose a contract because the agent delays the process.  Contracts are only enforceable when they have been signed and delivered to all parties and we will push hard to get these wrapped up.

8. We will know the market!

We study the Hilton Head real estate market to spot trends for our clients and change to meet the market demands. Through our market research we can provide valuable timing insights that can help in negotiation or help us in our marketing efforts. Computers may provide information, but it is our goal to provide usable knowledge. We will go outside the box to find the answers and solutions to get the job done. Our marketing programs currently measure success and show what we need to work on and as a seller you will receive weekly updates on how we are doing.

9. Relationships matter to us!

Jane Hyers and I are service fanatics and provide great, caring service that produces results you can count on.  Our goal is to provide the very best real estate selling or buying experience you will ever have on or off Hilton Head Island. We continue to build upon the ”word of mouth” marketing programs that help us sell our properties .  Relationships sell real estate and we value our relationships more than anything else with our buyers, sellers, clients, customers, friends and fellow agents.

10. Technology will help us go green!

No need for expressing, scanning, or mailing a contract today.  By the time this is done, the deal could be off the table for buyers, sellers and agents. Transaction speeds have increased and in order to be in the game we need to match this speed at Hilton Head Properties.  We are capable of faxing, phoning or mailing, but if a buyer is placing a bid or a seller is recieving a bid, there is no reason for losing the deal from a lack of speed.  Hilton Head Properties offers digital signatures for purchasers and sellers.  No need to go out to the office in the middle of the night, as this can be done on any smart phone or computer.

Cheers to a Happy New Year 2013!

Our best to you!





Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers