Jobs Created From Real EstateIt all starts with a listing and a REALTOR.  We are closing this week on a Hilton Head Property and it’s absolutely amazing how many people have been involved in the sale.  Real Estate creates jobs.  From the time a listing is signed to the final closing this small event is a ripple in our economy that turns into waves.  Some of these jobs are evident, but hang on for the Tsunami.  We have identified 70 jobs from the first property sold.  Imagine the ripple effect.

Jobs Created After the Listing is Signed – Hilton Head Properties

The jobs that were created from hiring a single REALTOR and listing a single Hilton Head property can include: an assistant,  a caterer, a  photographer, a window cleaner, a interior decorator, a mover, a carpet cleaner, a painter, a landscaper, a surveyor, a house cleaner,  a day care, service station employees, auto mechanics, the local MLS, advertising people, magazines, radio, a printer, a graphic designer, television stations, video people, our local and national Realtors Associations and even property owners associations.   All of these jobs from one Hilton Head real estate listing.

Jobs Created after the Sales Contract is Signed – Hilton Head Properties

Once the contract is signed its time to hire: a termite inspector, a home inspector, a pool inspector, an appliance company, a closing attorney, a sellers attorney, paralegals, title insurance employees, a repair person, an appraiser, a heating and air person, bankers, loan officers and paralegals.  As well, private clubs, home owners associations, villa regimes, the South Carolina Treasury, Beaufort County Treasury and Hilton Head Treasury can benefit from withholding taxes, recording fees, transfer taxes and/or transfer fees which may be applicable.

Jobs Created after Closing – Hilton Head Properties

Now its time to hire a moving company, remodeler for the kitchen, a builder to build a new home, a granite company for the counters, a paver for the back deck, a pool company to build a pool, a landscaper to plant the new shrubs, a painter to change the playroom colors, a designer to help with the glass tile for the master bath, a remodeler to enclose the Carolina room, a rental company to rent it,  new linens, new furnishings, new golf cart, a membership to the club, a boat to explore the Low Country, a couple of bikes, some beach chairs and the associated manufacturing companies for all these new toys.

All part of the same food chain – Hilton Head Properties

The seller is now a buyer and the food chain continues.  Whether they are downsizing, upsizing, staying in the Low Country or moving somewhere else, these sellers have dough in their pocket and they are ready to spend it and of course need a home.  So they call their REALTOR and find a house and the cycle starts again.  Talk about Economic Stimulus!