We are celebrating our Two year Anniversary at Hilton Head Properties.  These first years have been amazing and we appreciate the support we have received from our clients and friends. We know we are in business because of you and will never take this for granted.

  1. In our first year, our goal was to create a real estate company with a “New Approach” to marketing and selling properties on Hilton Head Island.  We embraced technology, hired specialist and developed systems that helped our clients achieve their goals.  We turned the lights on early, dug into our work and had a great year!
  2. In our second year, we added a rental division to our existing real estate company.  This company compliments our real estate endeavors.  In fact, it has been especially rewarding meeting potential purchasers that are vacationing with us.  It becomes a one stop shopping experience for both our owner clients and our guests.

Let’s look back to get an idea of what we can expect in 2015

With over 2.5 million visitors, many returning over the past 30 years, this aging population is making a big change in the  residential real estate markets in the area.  Demographics are the reason for development off Island that has taken place and while the recession slowed down these baby boomers, it did not stop them.  The residential real estate markets have turned the corner on Hilton Head Island.  According to the National Association of Realtors, a balanced market offers less than 6 month of supply.  Market research shows that the residential properties under $600,000 on Hilton Head Island are now in a balanced market and normal appreciation is now in an owners favor.

  1. The residential market should move from a buyers market to the sellers side in 2015.  With over 97% of the Island developed, the supply side of the economic equation has dropped.  While we like to refer to the Island as a limited commodity, buyers that are shopping the internet are now including Bluffton in their search for the Hilton Head area.  It should also be noted that the demand side for turnkey residential properties has increased dramatically.  Those two key factors, coupled with low interest rates, point to the increase in recent months to continue.
  2. Resort Villas and properties will continue to offer buyer opportunities in 2015.  It stands to reason, if all things are equal, homes will sell before villas.  The aging baby boomers are taking advantage of low interest rates, buying Island homes for future retirement and putting them in the long term rental market until they are ready to make their move.  This in turn has made the villa market compete for buyers with some very compelling pricing.

Happy Holidays from the gang at Hilton Head Properties

We wish for you a safe and very happy Holiday.  If you are out and about, please feel free to pop in and say hello.  Our office is located at 12 New Orleans Road on Hilton Head Island.  Our email is Robbie@robbiebunting.com and our phone number is (843)785-7111.  Thank you.