Hilton Head Sellers and Buyers must be aware of the “Principle of Substitution”

Sellers and buyers on Hilton Head need to be aware of the “Principle of Substitution” as it can either kick them in the butt or help them negotitate an incredible deal.  This simple principle states that when several similar properties are available, the one with the lowest price will get the greatest demand. This principle also assumes there is not much time between the comparison of the properties.  In other words, the lowest priced property will always sell first when it comes up on the market.

Substitution can be your friend or your foe!

While we were negotiating the sale of a home for one of our buyers last week, another home at a lower price was listed for sale.  We quickly moved our buyer (sight unseen) to this new home.  If you are a Hilton Head  buyer, substitution can be your friend on Hilton Head Island as long as your Hilton Head Agent is paying attention.  If you are a Hilton Head Seller, we advise our clients based on replacability and desire that is easily forcasted from our Hilton Head Market Trend Reports so they can kick this principle in the butt.

Looking for the right information to buy or sell Hilton Head Real Estate

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Respectfully we are,

Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers