Green Turtles on Hilton HeadNationally, mortgage applications increased 49% in the first week of January and 11% the week prior which is the strongest two week gain since December 2008(Housing Watch, Bank of America 1/15/2015).  These lower mortgage rates are increasing the sales pace on Hilton Head Island and our phones are ringing, appointments are being made, contracts are being written and we are off to a great start.  This is great news for the Hilton Head sellers, agents and buyers that can pick up their pace!

For Hilton Head buyers, your recession pace won’t work

Had a purchaser last week that made several attempts  to negotiate a sellers counter.  They were convinced the seller was just posturing on what was already a too good to be true counter.   After several attempts, the buyer finally stepped up and put the property under contract before anyone else.  They were lucky.  Hilton Head buyers need to know that there are some properties that are priced to sell and they need to pick up their Turtles Pace if they want to own them.  All bets are off for these buyers once the Azaleas start blooming on Hilton  Head Island and there are even more buyers on the Island!

For Hilton Head Sellers, it is time for a reality check.

This message is for sellers that are not getting any offers, showings or just a few showings every month.  Interest rates are the driver behind this increased activity.  If  a Hilton Head property is not getting showings or offers, this increased sales pace will most likely not change anything.  Hilton Head sellers need to pick up the pace and go to market price(Click Here) if they are interested in selling their Hilton Head Property.  The increased pace does not mean buyers will make offers on properties priced too high.  See this chart (Click Here) and determine where you are right now in regard to price.

Ready to change your pace on Hilton Head Island?

It is hard to change pace.  During the recession buyers, sellers and agents had all the time in the world.  That has all changed and it is time to pick up our pace.  Buyers and sellers typically follow an agents pace and if an agent sets a faster pace, the serious buyer and seller will match this pace most of the time.  It’s time we picked up our pace.  We have a good pace going and would love to help you set yours!  If you have ever dreamed of owning Hilton Head real estate or are ready to sell, shoot us an email or call us at (843)785-7111 anytime.