Buyers MarketNow may be the time to re-deploy assets back into the Hilton Head Island real estate market. Personal use is still the single best reason to own property in the Hilton Head area, but declining supplies and increased buyer activity may bring appreciation back into certain segments of the market.  This is fueled by available interest rates and a limited supply.

It’s not rocket science on Hilton Head Island

According to the National Association of Realtors appreciation occurs when there is less than 6 months of supply.  Currently there are several Hilton Head Island market segments that are poised to make this turn(see below).  On top of all this, it’s not easy to add new properties for this demand because Hilton Head Island is now 97% developed.

 Hilton Head Market Trends
















Hilton Head Real Estate Financing

In the heart of the recession it was difficult to find good available financing for jumbo loans, villas, home-sites and even some conforming loans on Hilton Head Island.  Now this financing is back and it is better than ever.   The beauty of re-deploying assets into Hilton Head real estate is it can be leveraged allowing diversification into other assets.

Hilton Head Interest Rates












You can’t vacation or rent your Stocks and Bonds 

Unlike other types of investments, Hilton Head real estate can be rented when it is not being used.  The rental demand has never been better for long-term and vacation rentals on Hilton Head Island.  In fact, our sister company Hilton Head Properties R and R just achieved their very first 100% SOLD OUT week.

The best ones on Hilton Head always sell first

The best way to find a property before it sells on Hilton Head Island is to start your search here, and email us.   We will set up a free portal that sends you properties in real-time based on your wants and needs.  This link will give you an advantage in our market!