Sell_your_Hilton_HeadThere is no sense waiting until December to make your move.  The buyers are here now.  In fact, there are still some sellers sitting on the fence waiting for more money and rolling the dice that these buyers will still be in the market when they are finally ready to sell.  If you would like to sell before the tax bills are due, read on.  If you are waiting for the next rocket ride in appreciation, it is our hope that you have a very comfortable seat on that fence.

When the Ho, Ho, Ho’s start, real estate slow, slow, slows.

We can sell your property between now and the end of the year, but we need to do that before we start hearing Christmas songs on the radio.  Once this happens, families start shopping for their loved ones, which is all good, but their agenda typically does not include real estate shopping.  In order to get your property sold and closed before the holidays, it’s time to take action now!

It’s time to find your Magic Number

Today the internet helps us sell real estate fast!  The on line photos and virtual tours help agents and sellers determine whether the property is priced correctly simply by measuring the virtual tour activity, showings, second showings and offers.  Buyers today have property information at their fingertips at the speed of light and if a great property pops up, these buyers will make their interest known immediately-See more at

The way you live in a home is different than the way you sell it!

With choices on and off the Island available, sellers need a competitive edge to put themselves ahead of the competition. Staging a home is essential in today’s real estate market making a property the best possible choice for a potential buyer. Staging a home can range from a few decorative changes to furnishing vacant spaces.  Enhancing a Hilton Head home or villa for the market will improve its selling potential exponentially.  See more at:

How much time and money are you willing to spend?

Recently, a Hilton Head property pended after 900 days.  It had been previously listed for sale for 500+ days with another agent, bringing it to a grand total of over 4 years on the real estate market.  Something is very wrong with this picture as there are only three reasons a property does not sell which include condition, location and value.  Either the seller or the agent were in denial, possibly both.   Sellers have complete control of two out of three of these variables which are condition and price.  Most often the only thing wrong is the price.  Sellers can blame it on marketing…but it’s amazing after 4 years how things sink in.  See more at:

Ready, Set, Sell!

We just helped a seller achieve a sale in 7 days at their targeted price for their beautiful Hilton Head Home after they followed our recommendations on staging and pricing.  If you are ready to sell your Hilton Head home, villa or lot, give your agent a call before the Christmas songs start.  Seems they get earlier and earlier every year.