rs1509211-1035We used to say, buying property in the Hilton Head area was 80% emotion and 20% logic.  That was before the interest rates hit the all time lows and rental income flourished.  Now that we have both emotion and logic supporting a prospective purchasers decision, the hardest part now is just deciding which one.  It is also helpful to understand the local language and how much they are when you are weighing your decision.  Listed below are links and explanations for  POA, ARB, Regime, Transfer fees and other local real estate terms.

POA Fees

If you drove through a security gate on Hilton Head Island, chances are there is an annual POA fee for this community.  POA stands for Property Owners Association which is a group of owners that oversee the roads, the security, the common area maintenance, the insurance, the lighting and landscaping in these common areas.  Click here for  a list of these POA Fees.

Regime Fees

A regime fee typically covers common property and exterior maintenance in a condominium community also known as villas.  Keep in mind all regimes ARE NOT THE SAME.  Typically a regime will maintain the pool, landscaping, trash, pest control, wood infestation, roofs, walls, common area electric, insurance(sometimes), roadways, and working capital reserve(sometimes).  They may also handle common area liability and hazard insurance, administration, and collecting regime fees.

Transfer Fees

The Town of Hilton Head has a transfer fee of 1/4 of 1% for all properties transferred on Hilton Head Island.  Typically the purchaser pays this fee.  There are also some communities that charge a transfer fee at closing.  Keep in mind, these transfer fees are not for just the private club, many of the communities now charge this fee as a way of funding capital improvements to the community.  This can be paid by the purchaser or seller.  Please click here for a list of the transfer fees in the Hilton Head Area.

ARB Fees

Every residential Hilton Head community that ever had a vacant home-site has a ARB which is an acronym for Architectural Review Board.  Just like a Hilton Head POA, the board is made up of members from the community, professionals and administrators that make decisions about the architecture based on the covenants of the community.  These review boards protect the residential integrity of their community and help uphold property values from these efforts.  Click here for a list of these ARB’s in the Hilton Head area.

Communities in the Hilton Head Area

The natural beauty of the Hilton Head area triggers the emotional reasons to buy and live in the area.  Together with amenities including beaches, waterways, bike trails, swimming pools, marinas, tennis and golf the area offers something for everyone.  This printable Hilton Head Communities guide is an excellent way to start researching the area.  In addition, these aerial tours of the Hilton Head Area Communities is a fun way to explore.  If you are ready to start your search, call Hilton Head Properties at (843)785-7111, email us at or visit