Palmetto Dunes Beach Access (2)Wouldn’t it be great to own a place at the beach, on the course, or overlooking a tranquil lagoon on Hilton Head? If you are seriously considering buying a vacation home  in the Hilton Head area, you have probably weighed many of the pros and cons already.

But you should carefully consider everything before you buy. Have you taken these additional costs and benefits into account?

The Overlooked Costs of Homeownership

As any experienced home or villa buyer knows, there are additional annual costs that come with owning a Hilton Head vacation property, such as property taxes, home insurance, regime fees and any association fees.

Make sure you consider maintenance costs, as well. If you decide to rent out your property, you might want to invest in housekeeping or property management services. MarketWatch outlines a few additional costs you may want to consider.

Additional Fun: Resort-Style Amenities

In the Hilton Head area, you can purchase a second home in a resort community like Sea Pines, Palmetto Dunes, Port Royal Village or Shipyard. ThisPalmetto Dunes Generics_015 gives you access to a range of amenities that can include golf courses, spa services, swimming pools, and dozens of events.

Just remember, you may have to pay Membership fees for these amenities.

Renters can help you pay for your Hilton Head Vacation Home

Many vacation homeowners rent their property out to other vacation-goers as a way to earn extra money.

But, as US News & World Report points out, you may not always make money with your vacation home.  If there is appreciation in the market, this can easily off-set the rental loss once you sell.  Keep in mind the real reason for purchasing a vacation home is all about your use and having fun!

Location is Crucial

picking a locationWhen buying any property, convenience to where you live is most important.  Hilton Head is only a day’s drive away for most families on the east coast.  Therefore, you will be able to use your Hilton Head property more than an exotic location that you always have to fly to.

You should also choose a home or villa that is close to your favorite vacation features (such as the beach, tennis, golf, boating or other amenities you value).  Hilton Head offers convenience to best  grocery stores, major roads, the airport, and lots of fun things to do.

We Can Help You Weigh Your Options

Investing in a vacation home or villa in the Hilton Head Area can be a great decision, but it should not be taken lightly. We can answer any questions you have about finding, buying, or renting out a vacation home. Call us and let’s talk.