Thank you very much for your suggestions and ideas.  They were incredible and much appreciated.  We are reviewing them now and will pick out the best fit in the next few weeks.  It is going to be a tough decision!  Stay Awesome and give Hilton Head Properties a call if we can do anything for you!

We needed to pick out a tag line and thought you could help. Listed below are tag lines we are considering.  We would like this tag line to challenge us, to bring forward our unique offering and to help others understand who we are. Hilton Head Properties offers vacation rentals, property management and real estate all under one roof.   If we pick your suggested tag line, we will send you 2 big beach towels!

Tag Line Ideas

  1. We help families relax and make ownership easy!
  2. Vacation rentals and realty under one roof!
  3. When Marketing Really Matters!
  4. Local Knowledge.
  5. Don’t take a chance on time!
  6. Find.  Maintain.  Sell.
  7. Opening the very best doors!
  8. Do it with us!
  9. Value equals price!
  10. Proactive Internet Marketing
  11. Play. Move. Under one Roof!
  12. Comfortable. Competent
  13. Luxury Homes and Villas to own or rent
  14. Who are you going to call?
  15. The best vacation and real estate company on the Island!
  16. Competent. Casual. Comfortable.
  17. Setting the bar for vacations and sales!
  18. Love the one you’re with!
  19. High fives selling, buying or vacationing
  20. ?

Help Hilton Head Properties find their tag line!

We really appreciate your imput.  Please take a minute and let us know which tag line appeals to you the most, or write one for us!  If you write a tag line suggestion that we use, we will send you 2 big comfy beach towels!  Thank You!