Hilton Head Vacation Properties for saleNow through the end of October, vacation properties on Hilton Head will be difficult to show, unless it is on the turn day.  The turn occurs on Saturday and is the time between checkout and check in.  With the market heating up, we don’t want you to miss out in seeing all the properties you have interest in.  Here are other ways to see them all.

Look at Hilton Head Properties on the Turn

The very best Hilton Head vacation properties for sale can only be seen on Saturdays.  That’s because these properties are rented from Saturday to Saturday and only open up on the rental turn.  The “turn” occurs between checkout (10 am) and check-in (4 pm).  These properties are often superior to the ones that are unoccupied during the week, so plan ahead!

Contact a Hilton Head Agent before your Visit

Once you have booked your vacation, contact a Hilton Head Agent and let them know which Saturday works best.  Your agent will then be able to line up all the properties for your Saturday departure. Typically it takes about 30 minutes per property, so you could be on the road back home by noon.  If you arrive the night before your vacation starts and stay at a hotel, you can see these properties before your vacation.  Either way, Saturday is really the only day to see everything.

Shop Hilton Head real estate with confidence

If you are shopping for the very best vacation property, contact a local lender before you get to the Island. Local lenders know the properties in the area and can help build a financial strategy.  It also helps to be shopping with a check in your pocket knowing how much you can or cannot afford.  If you would like some local lender suggestions, please email us today.

Pick two Hilton Head Properties before you leave!

If you want to think about it on your drive home, be sure to pick two properties, just in case one sells.  The market is heating up and we don’t want you to miss out on interest rates and selection.  Your best bet is to write-up an offer with your agent while you are on the Island or have them send it to you electronically for signatures for your drive home.  The key is to keep it moving!

Insuring your success in the Hilton Head real estate

It takes strategy to win in the Hilton Head real estate market today. We hope this information is helpful. Please contact us with any questions at (843)785-7111 or email us anytime.  Thank you