The solar eclipse on August 21 is creating quite a stir in the Hilton Head area.  Although not total on Hilton Head, the photo to the left shows the eclipse from the Island.  Pretty darn close!  If you are planning on visiting, many hotels and rental companies are offering specials including free “eclipse” glasses(while they last). The information and links below will help you plan your viewing party!

A Global Event

The path of the total solar eclipse in the United States is shown above.   The entire country and world will experience the eclipse. While Charleston, SC is in the total eclipse pathway, Hilton Head Island and the surrounding areas will experience about 98% of the eclipse.   The eclipse will begin at 1:15 pm and end at 4:09 pm with a duration of 2 hours and 54 minutes.  The last eclipse of this magnitude was in 1918 and the next total eclipse will take place April 8, 2024.

Hilton Head Island  Eclipse Events

There are some fun eclipse events planned for Monday August 21, 2017 in the Low Country including:

Solar Eclipse 3 Hour Boat Tour –  Outside Hilton Head will provide eclipse glasses, back water boating, dolphin spotting and a stop on a sand bar surrounded by water for unobstructed views of the eclipse.

Sea Pines Beach Club Eclipse Party –  Visit the Sea Pines Beach Club from 12 pm – 3 pm and experience live music, ring of fire nachos and eclipse cocktails.  Eclipse glasses with purchase.

Sonesta Hotel – The resort will host an eclipse viewing party from noon to 4 p.m. at its outdoor restaurant and bar, Sandbar at Marker 72. Tickets to the event are $15.95 for those 13 or older and $7.95 for those aged six to 12, while children from three to five are $4.95.

Summer Eclipse Social – Tiki Bar at Coligny Beach.  This blackout solar eclipse party with Cranford Hollow and NAKD is on the beach.

Eclipse Websites:  NASA, Hilton Time and Date, and Beaufort County Libraries.

Come Stay and Play

Check in with Hilton Head Properties R and R for villas and homes available for The 2017 Eclipse. They will provide free eclipse glasses(while supplies last) for all last minute check-ins.  They also offer one and two night stays if you are breezing in for the day.  To check out the real estate in the area, please visit Hilton Head Real Estate News.  Have a safe and fun eclipse!