Why is that when we get one buyer interested in a property, others show up at the same time? While this is not a rule, it happens in the Hilton Head Real Estate Market.  Sometimes it is triggered by a price change that brings the price closer to the true market value and sometimes there seems to be no logical explanation whatsoever.  Below are some reasons why “when it rains it pours” in the Hilton Head real estate market.

Positioning a Property for Multiple Offers on Hilton Head

The sellers asking price will determine how much interest buyers will show in their property. When a property is positioned properly in the market in the Hilton Head area, buyers will actively compete to beat all other offers.   When sellers try to charge a premium they may get lucky and still get an offer, but it usually only “pours” when fair market value matches asking price!  It also should be noted that no amount of marketing can sell an overpriced property.  Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise!

The Hilton Head Market is Moving

The real estate market on Hilton Head Island has been building from the bottom up since the recession.  Funny how all of a sudden a property that has been on the market will have a lot of eyes on it and new interest.  The reason is that the buyers can no longer find an equally desirable alternative property at an equal price.  When this happens, buyers will compete as long as value equals asking price.  If you are a serious buyer, this is the time to jump in and never look back!

Hilton Head Buyers are Dialed In 

The other day a buyer told me that they knew about a price reduction before we had contacted them.  That’s because buyers are notified automatically via the internet when a new property is listed or a price reduction occurs.  If you are a buyer and serious about getting the jump on the competition, when you see a great deal pop up, contact your agent asap.  When value equals price on a property for sale, if it is a property you want to own, our word of advice is move fast!