Apples and Oranges on Hilton Head Island

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How do you like them apples?  The other day an agent called and told me that she felt my value was too high on a property where the stone came up to your elbows in the hallways.  I am sure there was smoke coming out of my ears as I searched for an appropriate answer. Builder friends of mine were charging $150 to $300 per square foot and we were throwing all our homes into the same basket.

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Remodel and enjoy Hilton Head Island!

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Dear Clients, Friends and Fellow Associates~

Why renovate before you sell your property?  The benefits of remodeling now include making your space more livable with savings that are available today.  I asked Bunting Construction on Hilton Head Island to give us some insight to remodeling.  Although Bunting Construction has built intricate ocean-front homes with artists that paint ceilings, they started their business remodeling older homes in the Sea Pines area.  The company does not settle for middle and simply does things right with a high standard and a fair price.

A note from Scott Bunting of Bunting Construction

Thanks for calling us about the building and remodeling trends on the Island.  We have found that our clients often know what they want and have some very good ideas on how we can help them when it comes to remodeling projects on their homes.  We have been blowing out spaces to create new and exciting environments for them.  We recently completed a remodel on an oceanfront villa in Palmetto Dunes and took this villa to the studs(see our website below) and redefined and improved the space.  

Our recent projects include:  

+ Kitchen Areas – A kitchen is the heart of a home and many of our clients are opening up their kitchen to other areas of their home.  The advantage to this project is we can take this space and make everything open and brighter with the benefit of more space.  We often remove walls and relocate cabinetry to accomplish a better utilization of this space.  Many of our kitchens are also adding new granite countertops, additional counter space, cabinetry, recycling centers, walk in pantries, and island work areas.

+Sun Porches – Bring in the Sun!  Given the cooler temperatures we are experiencing outside, many of our clients are looking to add a screened in porch to their existing home.  We have found that these porches can coexist with side or back areas of the home as they meet set-backs.  We have also been adding some skylights so we do not darken interior spaces that are adjacent to these porches.  As many of our clients wish to use these spaces year round, we have also been adding windows and doors to create a great sun room.

+Master Suites – It is said kitchens and baths can sell a home and many of our clients are looking for more closet space in their existing master bedrooms.  We have found that often we can combine space from other areas including screened porches, offices, closets and hallways to reconfigure the space and provide bigger and better master suites.  Our projects usually include adding linen closets, separate showers, higher vanities, and whirlpool tubs. 

Despite the economy, remodeling is still one of the better and stronger investments anyone can make because you get to enjoy it now. At Bunting Construction we are set to help your clients with these projects.  We work closely with both an interior decorator and designer to make this process seamless and easy.  Our pride is in our craftsmanship. 

If you have something that you would like us to look at give us a call or have your clients contact us directly.  Thank You.


Scott Bunting
Bunting Construction Company, Inc
0ffice 843-842-9033  Fax 843-842-9209  Cell: 843-384-7468

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