Hilton Head Properties 2013 Mantras, Resolutions and Goals

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The signs went up last Friday and we are excited about all the business we are going to generate this coming year. Of course, several of our close REALTOR friends have volunteered for the overflow. Given the new year and the new business, we have listed below our resolutions for 2013. Read the rest of this entry

Home Staging on Hilton Head Island!

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Interested in Moving on Hilton Head Island

There are only three reasons why a property does not sell.  These reasons are condition, location and price.  In today’s market you need all three to cause a sale(although price will always fix the other two).  Kalyani with www.HomeStagingInParadise.com recently helped us take a home from a good first impression to a great first impression.  Even if you are not planning on moving and just want a change, staging can provide a whole new feeling.  For our seller clients we give Kalyani two thumbs up!

Here is a note from Kalyani:
I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to Stage your gorgeous new listing.  Selling the home to the first buyer that viewed it after Staging is certainly a testimony to the virtues of Staging!  We created a more universally appealing home that more buyers can visualize themselves living in. I am so thrilled to have been a part of the transformation.
As a previous Realtor I understand that Staging alone is typically not the only thing that sells a home. It is a combination of the expertise of the Realtor as well as the Sellers pricing their home to compete in the current market. This, in addition to Staging the home appeal to as many buyers as possible, helps to sell homes quicker and for more money.
When I went to the home to take my “after pictures” the seller told me that the home had been listed with another Realtor for an extended period of time before they listed with you. She was amazed that the other agent had never mentioned Staging especially in light of how quickly we got an offer.
Thanks again for contacting Home Staging In Paradise and I look forward to our next successful partnership!

Best Wishes,

Kalyani Persons
Home Staging In Paradise

Redecorate on Hilton Head Island!

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Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Associates~

The other day I went for a listing appointment.  The seller was busy getting ready to put the home on the market.  As we walked from room to room it was easy to see that this seller had some great furnishings and accessories.  The only problem was they were not in the right place to make a great first impression.  I had Kelly meet with the sellers and she not only got the job she made it fabulous.  They liked it so much they decided to take it off the market and enjoy it!

Kelly has helped me with staging my homes to sell and also has helped with a custom built couch!  Whether selling, staging or just living give Kelly a call and take her up on her free one hour of design constultation on Hilton Head Island.   Below is a little bit about her:

Designing to Sell, Inc.

Designing to Sell provides a wide scope of home staging services to assist home owners in getting ready for the real estate market. Right now the competition is great and each home needs to be distinguished from the others. Knowing what a home needs to set it apart from the competition helps the homeowner realize the sale.

Vacant Staging:

Staging vacant spaces is crucial as it gives purpose to each space, provides color and warmth and creates an inviting atmosphere. It is important to provide custom, new furnishings and accessories for each space in the home to create a look that is specific to the style and architecture of the home. Staging vacant spaces helps visually guide home buyers to understand all the wonderful features a home has to offer that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

Occupied Staging:

It is very important that home buyers are able to get a perspective of themselves in the home as they pass through each space. This makes it crucial for home owners who currently occupy a home for sale to have each space staged so that it provides a selling atmosphere. Staging an occupied home may include furniture re-arrangement, de-personalizing, color neutralizing, de-cluttering and curb appeal.

Home Renovations:

Major and minor renovations are another staging option for homes that are dated or weathered. Home buyers often do not want to hassle with fixing up their purchase or have trouble visualizing a homes potential. Assisting home owners in making budget savvy choices for necessary changes can really increase a home’s selling potential and its value.
Designing to Sell specializes in all of the above staging services. Please call for a one hour free design consultation!
Kelly Hughes
Designing to Sell, Inc.
p. 843-301-3226
f.  843-715-2525
Put Your Home Ahead of the Competition

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