Find a Property Before it’s on Zillow!

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Potential Buyers on Hilton Head Island take note! There is a new way to find out about a property before it is listed for sale on the internet or Zillow. There is only one way to find out about these new properties. Your local Hilton Head Multiple Listing Agent can see them before you ever do.

These properties are categorized as “Listing Delay”! The sellers have deferred putting their properties on the market until a certain date. However, your Hilton Head MLS agent can see them before you ever do and even show some of them to you before they hit the market or internet.

If you would like to be recieve these property updates, email us today! These properties change daily and your agent can keep you posted if the perfect property pops up!

Internet values for a Hilton Head Property

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The internet has become an important tool for both buyers and sellers researching real estate in the Hilton Head area. If you go this route, it’s a good idea to check at least 2 or 3 of these sites to get an estimated range of value.  That’s because these sites often do not take into account the unique features of the property and can have incorrect data about the property or location.

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No dinosaurs on Hilton Head Island, SC

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You can’t be a Dinosaur if you buy, sell or work in Real Estate.  The real estate market is evolving everyday and we will all survive.  We just have to change the way we do business.   Already we have had buyers finding, researching and negotiating properties without ever walking in our door.  These buyers are prepared to make a bid and want our help with the market research and of course they want to be sold. Read the rest of this entry

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