Dear Clients, Friends and Fellow Associates,

The Real Estate Market right now on Hilton Head Island is a lot  like an auction.  The other day I went to an auction and watched most of  the prequalified bidders waiting for a sign or signal before making their move.  While these “bidders” twisted in their seats, a few market brave buyers made their bids, but only one very quiet bidder sitting in a corner ultimately got the property.  In my opinion, that buyer made money that day and is smiling all the way to the bank.

It is time to be greedy and quiet! Warren Buffet best said “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”.  Right now we have a lot of “lookers” on the internet, some are coming down to preview our properties, a few are making bids, and only one will be the winner.  These brave buyers are being rewarded with superior properties at great values.  Please note that the turn is now happening slowly and quietly.  In fact, just last month we sold 119 homes and villas on Hilton Head Island and in the last week we sold 4  oceanfront homes!

Don’t wait for a sign or signal that it is time to jump in.  My company is set up to help you research and review the opportunities(quietly) while the masses are still sitting on the sidelines. Jane and I work very hard researching, investigating and preparing tours with only the very best properties.  In fact, with our network we often know about great deals before they are ever listed for sale. 

Here are just some incredible values:

All of these unbelievable properties include:

  • Condition, Location, & Price.  In fact, right now you can get all three, but all bets are off in 2010!
  • Cherry Picking.  Some of the very best locations are coming up for sale and are selling very quickly.  You have to be in the know to get them.
  • Creativity.  Flexible terms and even trades are even being considered for properties saving all kinds of dough!
  • Deltas.  In normal markets the cost to sell one property and buy another is greater than the delta now!  +++CLICK HERE for more details.

A wise friend once said “If you don’t plan the hunt you are just walking in the woods”  Please don’t hesitate in getting started in your search.  Call us at 800-932-3652 or email so we can start sending you some ideas.  We would also like to suggest a “research” visit to Hilton Head Island this fall.  The subtropical temperatures, wonderful restaurants, shopping and beaches are very enjoyable at this time of year.  We have arranged a special program including accomodations at one of the finest resorts this fall.  Please +++CLICK HERE for our Mini Vacation for Fall 2009!
Subtropical Regards~
Robbie Bunting & Jane
P.S. Our mini vacation is available for clients, relatives and friends.  We would appreciate if you would forward this as many times as you can!   Although it depends on your readiness, timing has never been better and you and your friends will be rewarded!  Thank you.