The other day I took my toughest clients to lunch, my mom and dad.  In this appointment, I was going to tell them that they should drop their price and sell their home at “market price” rather than waiting for the market to turn around.  Once we sat down, one thing became perfectly clear, I needed to tap all resources to communicate my message.  This couple was tough.  They knew how to debate, in fact she had been my first real estate broker and they had all the right answers, I pushed on.

You don’t have to wait until the new MLS book is out.

After we ordered our meal, I explained to them “that they should go to a price that would cause a sale now rather than wait for someone to make and offer”   My reasoning was that their selling price would be the same if they were to get an offer this week or if they dropped their price this week.  Bottom line, no buyers were going to pay more than market.   In the past, this couple really could sell a house.  They sold several homes and moved every three years to a new town.  Back than, sellers and buyers would wait for the new mls book to come out or the new Homes Magazine to see what effect the new price had. 

The internet moves buyers faster.

The problem is the market had changed.  While they justified why they could wait for the price they had in mind, my question became why?  Why not go to market price and get it sold now.  Why spend money and time to only get this same money later.  They explained to me that the reason that it had not sold was that there were no buyers and that there were a lot of homes on their street was for sale.  This is why they had no showings.  I took a deep breath and explained to them that the market they knew had changed.  Todays buyers know quickly about market and changes in the market because of the internet.  Buyers today only go to the properties that they like and that are properly priced.  They were being passed by because they were over market price, it was that simple.

Test and Measure the showing activity!

I explained my “test and measure program” for real estate that could help them get the highest selling price for their property in todays market.  I told them they should go to a price that would create interest.  If they got showings they should stop adjusting price and wait for the offer.  If they did not get an offer from these showings they should “tweak” the price within a week by a small amount less than 5% and this should develop the offer.  If they did not get any showings after the first price adjustment, they should adjust the price again by 5-15% until the showings occured.  I told them this could be done in a matter of a few days after the first price adjustment if they did not see any activity.  The internet moves real estate information that quickly and buyers respond to this information fast. 

Tailored made sellers programs

A friend told me that most sellers have a difficult time adjusting to the new market.  If you would like for us to show you how we can get your home sold in 60 days or less using the “new market” and a tailored program just for you, please email us at  If you do not have an email you may call us direct at 800-932-3652.