It’s November 22 on Hilton Head Island and my window is wide open in my office.  Our real estate clients are loving the current weather and the PRIME real estate offered

On Monday, we SOLD 8 homes(and 5 villas) on Hilton Head

We have mentioned that real estate is governed by the one simple law of supply and demand.  We also mentioned the limited finite resource of land availability on an Island and the present fact that the Island is now 97% developed.  The one critical factor that we have brushed over lightly with is those gosh darn baby boomers.  As they grow impatient they are going to continue putting pressure on the limited supply of PRIME Hilton Head Real Estate because there are about 10,000 of them turning 50-65 years of age PER DAY starting January 1, 2011. 

Baby Boomers will grow impatient

In the past, baby boomers were easily swayed.   They moved forward when things were good and pulled back when they were challenged.  This was during a time when they had both time and money.  It was easy to be fickel.  Regardless of the economy or whatever else is holding them back from seeking a higher quality lifestyle, baby boomers will start making their move to Hilton Head Island.  Baby boomers simply do not have the time anymore to delay their decision.  Their impatience will grow. 

Come bask in the sun on Hilton Head Island! 

Hilton Head Island is a great place for a permanent home, a second home or a winter getaway.  Year round we enjoy over 200 days of sunshine, a small friendly town, cool places to live, lots of great things to do, 12 miles of beautiful beaches, a hospital, ariport, library, great restaurants and great neighbors.  If you would like to get ahead of the baby boomer herd, we can show you some PRIME real estate that you will never be able to buy at a lower price.  For some this timing might be perfect, for others that are not quite ready, there are some strong rent until you move opportunities in both short and long term positions. Contact us for a list of PRIME PROPERTIES that match a present or future need by emailing us at or calling us direct toll free at 800-932-3652.  Thank you.