One of the problems with today’s real estate market is there are some sellers that don’t know the differerence between value and price.  Sellers need to know that ignoring value is a form of denial!  The best way to determine if your price is close to value is to look at the number of showings or offers a property has had.  The further these two are apart, the less activity a property will get no matter how big the ad is or how good it looks on a website! 


Being lucky in this real estate market is near impossible!

Value is what a property is worth based on today’s market conditions.  Buyers will determine value by what is sold and banks will pull the same sold comparables to determine value when they are appraising the property.  Price on the other hand is an arbitrary number set by the seller.  We have learned that the further price and value are apart, the less effective any marketing programs will be.  Serious sellers should list their properties very close to value today because  no amount of marketing can sell a $100 pizza. 

Discuss value and price with your Realtor

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