Window Shopping for Hilton Head real estateHilton Head Buyers are “window shopping” more than ever before with information literally at their fingertips.  Their computers become the storefronts for searching  Hilton Head Homes, Hilton Head Villas, Hilton Head Lots, Hilton Head Foreclosures, Hilton Head Short Sales, Daufuskie Properties and other great listings.  Nowadays a buyer can shop for real estate without anyones help, but it can be a lot more productive with the virtual assistance of a Hilton Head Realtor. 

Are you window shopping for Hilton Head Real Estate through cloudy windows?

Hilton Head buyers can improve the view of the present real estate market and gain insight they never had before if they enroll with a local Realtor in the Hilton Head MLS Client Gateway Program.  This system will allow a buyer to see listings that match their criteria.  It is literally the difference between hours and days.  It also will allow a buyer to know a perfect match before anyone else has the opportunity to scoop it up.  Buyers can set price, location, condition and anything else that may be important in their very own custom search.  They can widen or tighten these parameters to their level of curiosity and interest.  While shopping is fun, this will save a buyer time culling through properties that do not match a present or future needs.

Your Hilton Head Realtor is standing by, how can we help you?

Call it your very own virtual assistant.  With smart phones and current technology, your Realtor is available by text or email to answer questions when you are window shopping.   Wondering what the difference between a villa and a condo is? are you curious as to what the set backs are for a pool?  are you wondering if it is a lagoon behind that home?  Just text or email, as your support is standing by.  Everyday we communicate via email and text helping potential buyers answer every kind of questions.  In fact, some of these buyers we have never met in person.  Times are certainly changing.

What is the Hilton Head Realtors role for Window Shoppers

Realtors today recognize that buyers have changed and we are changing for them.  Most agents have learned that their role for window shoppers  is one of educating and providing service.  Window shoppers today should become empowered with a Realtor on the other end.  They should be able to review property costs, closing costs, review sample contractsresearch mortgage lenders, investigate insurance providers and review rental histories with your Hilton Head Realtor on the other side of the window they are looking in.  When a window shopper finally shows up in person they typically have narrowed their search to 2 or 3 properties, have been pre-approved by a mortgage lender and are ready to make their move.

Let us be your Hilton Head virtual Assistant

If you are ready to get started email Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers at or text Robbie at (843)338-4854 or text Jane at (843)301-2254 OR if you simply want to talk to us call us anytime at (843)842-0803.  We are standing by!!!