The other day a friend and fellow Realtor published on his Trulia Blog that there were only 808 homes for sale on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  When I looked at this number I started thinking about all those baby boomers getting ready to retire or moove.  With 808 homes for sale it got me thinking that we are heading towards a housing shortage on Hilton Head Island.  The problem with the present real estate market is too often we lose the proper perspective by looking at the forest and not the trees. 

Baby Boomers and Hilton Head Island

As Baby Boomers grew, Hilton Head grew and became a favored destination.  Baby Boomers are now turning 60 at the rate of 8,000 a day and represent 38% of our total population in this country. The way I see it based on 2.5 million visitors per year to Hilton Head Island, we have over 950,000 of these Baby Boomers visiting the Island per year and about 50,000 of them are turning 60 years old every year for the next 17 years.  Our recommendation is to be ahead of this herd.   After all, there are ONLY 808 homes for sale on the Island.

Get your Hilton Head property soon!

Call us anytime and we will help you get the proper property and the proper perspective on Hilton Head Island.  Our toll free number is 800-932-3652 and my email is  If you are considering making your move “someday” I would encourage you to do it when we have only 808 homes for sale because property choice and price won’t ever be better than right now.  Thank you.