Hilton Head has over 2.5 million visitors annually and in the coming summer weeks we will see most of them.  This year, unlike years past, we have a pent up demand and growing confidence from buyers that have been sitting on the side lines waiting for the economy to improve and their next Island visit.  Based on the buyers presence on our internet sites we are going to have a very busy real estate summer. Posted below are a few preparation suggestions for our buyers, sellers and fellow agents before the summer officially begins.

It’s Lights, Camera and Action on Hilton Head!

In the preparation of a very busy summer of 2011 on Hilton Head Island we have listed some suggestions for our buyers, sellers and agents.

  1. Buyers and market researchers should get pre-approved with a local lender before their arrival.  This will give them the ability to shop smarter and negotiate harder with the comfort that a lender is in their corner if they find the perfect property.  As well, get in touch with an agent early in the week or before your arrival because many of the properties you will want to see are probably rented and will require an appointment.  If at all possible, serious buyers should consider staying over on Saturday so they can see all the properties of interest between the rental turn.  Perhaps spending a Satuday night in Savannah before you head back on Sunday will make the vacation that much more productive and fun.
  2. Sellers should ask their agent for a Pre-Season Review with their real estate agent ASAP either in person or with a phone appointment.  If a Hilton Head Seller is getting little interest from the internet and are seeing a low number of virtual visits or appointments, sellers should be reviewing the condition, location, access and price.  If just one these four are off or missing, the property will most likely miss the selling season.
  3. Agents need to ask for the order from both buyers and sellers.  In the coming weeks and months, we need to encourage a written offer from our buyers and help ours sellers tweak their properties with a pre-season check up.  If agents lean in with a caring persistance attitude , they will have a productive summer.

Happy Hilton Head Summer

Just an observation, but buyers are moving faster than sellers right now.  As agents, we need to adapt in order to get everyone up to the same pace.  Sellers can move faster if they get more information about this changing market.  Our buyers still need encouragement (even though they have the information at their fingertips) as it is a natural tendency to procrastinate buying a home, villa or lot.  Both buyers and sellers need sales people right now to help them get on the right track.  If you need a push or encouragement, contact us at robbie@robbiebunting.com or call me direst at (843)842-0805.  Thank you