The urgency to buy property on Hilton Head Island has to be intense if you are a buyer!   Typically this decision is based on a need or a want and only when the right timing and circumstances collide do purchasers make the decision to buy a property.  The pressure must be intense. We suggest making an offer before you arrive subject to your visit or selecting two properties to think about on  your travels home…after all we don’t want you to have crocodile tears if you miss out.

Buying Benefits in 2011

  1. An inflation hedge  ~ If you can see inflation happening, then buying a Hilton Head rental property could be an excellent move.  As this timing offers the ability to own a property at fixed costs, be sure to get a fixed-rate mortgage or move into a fixed rate mortgage to protect from higher interest rates.
  2. Interest Rates  ~ Rates are unbelievable with 30 year fixed (up to $417,000) at approximately 4.5% with no points or origination and the  jumbo rate is down below 5%.
  3. Values ~ Fair market value has been reset and these prices are absolutely incredible.  Check out some of the best values here!
  4. Rental Income ~ Whether buying a home to rent long term or buying a Hilton Head property to place on the Short Term Market (Rental Analysis), our properties never cash flowed better.
  5. Negotiation ~ Some of the best negotiations (Market Trends April 2011)  are taking place right now.  Buyer’s need to put their offer in writing in order to be considered.

The advantages to buying Hilton Head Property

The best reason to purchase property is that you like the property and can see yourself using it now or in the future.  However with the savings above, timing has never been better for a purchaser to get involved in Hilton Head Real Estate.  We are sure we can find something as selection will simply never be better.  If you would like to explore Hilton Head Island visit our new website at or call us anytime at (843)842-0805.