Hilton Head Properties OfficeNever before have the numbers looked so good for Hilton Head Buyers.  These numbers including interest rates, rental income and purchase price offer awesome opportunities for our buyers.  In fact, when all of these numbers are in alignment, the market offers perfect timing for Hilton Head buyers.  Check out why it makes sense for real estate buyers to take advantage of these numbers sooner rather than later.

Interest Rates on Hilton Head Properties

How long can these low mortgage rates last?  With 30 year fixed money bouncing around 4%, buyers have huge buying power.  Interest rates have moved up about 1% in the last few months, but timing is still on the buyers side.  Keep in mind though, every time the rate goes up a one percentage point, buyers lose 10% of their buying power in what they could have afforded at the lower rate.  Are you prepared to spend more and get less in the future?

Rental Income on Hilton Head Properties

Hilton Head Property Owners that buy and rent can have their cake and eat it too.  Both Long and Short Term Vacation rentals are in high demand.  On top of this, property owners can supplement their rental income with the placement of rental ads on internet sites including VRBO, HomeAway, Dwellable and Flipkey.  A pro-active property owner can increase their income 10-50% by promoting their property on a internet rental website.  The internet makes owning rental property more profitable.

Purchase Prices for Hilton Head Properties

Buy when there is supply.  Hilton Head buyers benefit from inventory with selection, better pricing and negotiation.  Inventories are up about 4.3% nationally this year and we are seeing many sellers jump back into the market in the Hilton Head areas.  One of the reasons for this is that pricing is up about 9% in the last 12 months in the Hilton Head market.  Sellers also know that buyers are motivated right now by low interest rates.  With inventory comes better price and negotiation.   This Hilton Head Market Trends July 2013 report shows the average negotiation and the months of Inventory.  Let us know if you would like to know how this report helps you as a buyer or seller.

Improvements for Hilton Head Properties

Darwin would be buying right now in this Hilton Head Market, because we are offering the very best.  In the past, buyers had to factor in Furniture, roofs, ac units, kitchen remodeling, carpeting and paint.  The real estate market today offers the crème of the crop properties at competitive pricing.  It won’t be long until we get back into helping our clients figure out the cost of improvements again, but right now it is easy to find a property in the same neighborhood that is ready to go that has been updated.  We call this “replacability” and while it exists it is very good for a buyer.  (Inverse, this is not so good for a seller unless their home or villa is in perfect condition).

Go Ahead and Run the Numbers on Hilton Head Properties

Buyers never had so many great reasons to get involved in our Hilton Head Properties.  The numbers all line up perfectly.  One significant number that that needs to be factored into the above is the value a buyer places on quality of life, time with family, friends, Spanish Moss and Moonbeams.  This value is the determining factor and all the numbers above just make it good timing to get involved today.