Butterflies and Baby Boomers are good news for Hilton Head SellersIf your Hilton Head property is listed for sale, good news, the butterflies are back!  Butterflies and baby boomers show up in the fall on Hilton Head as they make their migration south.  Given the present interest rates, the growing confidence in the economy and 42% of the 77 million baby boomers indicating they wish to retire in the south-east, the fall market is going to be absolutely incredible for our Hilton Head Area Sellers!

The truth about selling property on Hilton Head

The rule of thumb is that it typically it can take both the spring and the fall selling seasons to get a Hilton Head property sold.  While the internet is speeding things up, Hilton Head simply does not have the critical mass to sell property because it is seasonal.  Most Hilton Head buyers live in other states and with a population of only 35,000 +/- the Island depends on these baby boomers and visitors to fuel the Hilton Head real estate market.  The slower pace of spring and fall on Hilton Head is wonderful and real estate really heats up during these seasons as baby boomers and vacationers shop for property.  Shop baby shop!

Baby Boomers want to be Warm and Wet!

In their retirement and golden years baby~boomers want warm weather and the ocean nearby.  Do not wait too long to get your foot in the door on Hilton Head Island as chilly boomers are now turning 60 at the rate of 8,000 a day and represent 38% of our total population in this country.  The way I see it based on 2.5 million visitors per year to Hilton Head Island, we have over 950,000 of  these Baby Boomers visiting the Island with about 50,000 of them turning 60 years old every year for the next 17 years.  Our recommendation is to be ahead of this herd!  We can hear the rumble and based on the awesome Market Trends August 2013, we recommend buyers should definitely make plans to visit Hilton Head this fall!

Buyers and Sellers on Hilton Head

If you are a prospect and would like to take some time to explore or research our real estate this fall, click here  for our Hilton Head Real Estate Getaway.  You can also explore some of the properties we offer just click here or if you want to search the MLS, click here for Hilton Headclick here for Bluffton and click here for Daufuskie Islands searches.  If you are a seller that is interested in exploring the sale of your property, just click here and we will send a marketing proposal.  Our marketing is AWESOME!