Hilton Head Properties We have had an amazing 2013 and have a great story to tell.  As we approach the time ahead, we cannot but look back without gratitude.  First off, thank you for taking that leap of faith and switching over with us to our new company Hilton Head Properties.  We want you to know that we will play this forward in our goals for you in 2014.  You stopped by to check out our new digs, you gave us a boost when we needed it and spotted us to make our year and yours awesome.  Here is what you can expect from us in 2013!

Hilton Head Properties – Market Leaders

We are market leaders.  Hilton Head Properties will work with experts, network with our spheres of influence, embrace superior technology, adapt to market change and help others succeed.  Our marketing will stand out in front with new ideas and creativity that produces measurable results for our clients.  We will not be outspent or out marketed.

Hilton Head Properties – More Savings

We know how to negotiate.  Our buyers and sellers will save with our negotiation expertise and money-saving ideas as simple as updating existing surveys and title insurance.  We will provide superior negotiation and cost saving strategies that help our buyer and sellers achieve.  It’s all about the bottom line!

Hilton Head Properties – More Marketing

Hilton Head Properties has more marketing dollars.   Most “big” companies rely on their agents to promote the brand.  Because Hilton Head does not have multilevel management or franchise fees, our marketing budget can produce magazines, and advertising that will capture the attention of new buyers.  Bigger is Better when it comes to an advertising budget.

Hilton Head Properties – More Technology

With over 94% of all real estate buyers starting their search on the web and an increase of 25% by all affluent buyers(from 31-42 hours per day) on the net, no one or company will dominate more space on the worldwide web than Hilton Head Properties!  Our goal is to be on the landing page whenever the buyer searches Hilton Head Real Estate, around the world.  We will tailor our websites and our programs toward the purchaser.  Our searches will be the easiest and most comprehensive to use.  Purchasers visiting our website will find meaningful content, answers to their questions and research tools at their fingertips.  Our websites will all be mobile compatible for Smart Phones and Tablets.

Hilton Head Properties – Growth

Hilton Head Properties agents are specialist.  These agents have backgrounds that include banking, investing, short sales and marketing.  Each agent knows the Island and can sell anywhere.  Hilton Head properties tripled their agents in 2013 and it is our goal to continue this triple effect in 2014.  We will be adding a vacation rental division and a virtual agent program for selling agents.  This program will offer contracts and internet support to agents that are out selling all the time.  It is our goal to grow deeper into the Bluffton and Beaufort markets in 2014.

Hilton Head Properties – WE Jump!

When an agent, client, customer or friend calls and needs assistance, our agents at Hilton Head Properties will all subscribe to the “Jump”attitude.  Nothing is more important than the person in front of us and we will put down what we are working on when you need us.  Our customers, clients and agents will know that we will Jump when they call on us.  Our clients testimonials reflect this now and will reflect the WE jump attitude in the future!

A good ever-lasting Impression

Our cars, office, marketing, advertising, communications and mantra will be to make a great first impression and everlasting good impression.  Our commitment to our sellers is great photography, meaningful well written property descriptions, fantastic marketing strategies, and presenting their property in the very best light possible.  This will separate our properties from the others.  It must be great and we will not settle for just good.  Our buyers will receive great market research, organized presentations, helpful maps, timely market updates and great properties.  As well negotiations are something we pride ourselves in and although these are some fun negotiating ideas, nothing beats experience.

Hilton Head Properties – Exceeding expectations

We have a form that helps us understand our clients expectations.  After all we cannot exceed them if we do not know what they are.  Some of the benefits that we offer in working with us a free 2 hour staging, free landscape review, a free warranty for our buyers , free “second opinion” for our buyers and sellers, free no commitment property review for property owners, free Hilton Head weekly email update, free financial consultation by our financial guru, free monthly market trend reports, free real estate consultation with an attorney prior to signing a contract, free confidential conversations with our short sale specialist, and free estimates by our contractors

Great Communication

Hilton Head Properties friends, clients, customers and fellow agents will receive excellent communication, constant contact and great follow-up.  Every week our clients receive updates on showings, new listings, virtual visitors, best buys, changes in the market, financing updates, videos, feedback, listing reports and new ideas.  We are changing with the market and our systems in place will help our sellers measure the effectiveness of our marketing programs.  Our buyers will receive up to the minute property posts in real-time as they are listed for sale.

Hilton Head Properties – Final Word

In the end, we know that you have a choice as to who you work with when it comes to Hilton Head Real Estate.  While technology may introduce us, real estate is very human and personal.  When you work with us, you hear from us, you will get a big handshake or hug when you walk in the door and you will be treated like a person.  Technology is not everything when it comes to real estate.