This summBeach towel shoter when you are at the beach, go BUY some Hilton Head Real Estate.  Here’s why.  Sales are up 12.9% over last year and because we live on an Island, inventories cannot keep up with this growth in sales.  Listed below are both logical and emotional reasons to buy real estate this summer in the Hilton Head Area.  We have something for everyone in all price ranges, but our recommendation is “Don’t take a chance on time!”

Selection in the Hilton Head Area

In the past few years, we would have used the word “excellent” to describe the selection available.  Today we still have selection, but some of the properties may need updating.  The key for any buyer that is looking at market is that while selection exists, prices will reflect opportunity.  All bets are off as availability and selection drop.

The Lowest Interest Rates Ever – Hilton Head Island

Brexit opened the window to very low mortgage rates for our Hilton Head Buyers this summer.  With 30 year fixed rates at all time lows, mortgage experts recommend locking into these interest rates.  For every percentage point(1%), buyers have up to 20% more buying power.  Wow!

Some Negotiation – Hilton Head Island

Negotiations have firmed up for almost all types of properties on Hilton Head Island.  With average list to sale prices in the 95% range, low offers are no longer reality for a property properly priced.  In fact, if it is the only one for sale, there is no reason to mess around with a low offer, just buy it!

Ready to Sell – Hilton Head Island

Some of our Hilton Head sellers have had their properties on and off the market for the last few years.  The reason they did not sell could have included condition, price or location.  It was a real beauty contest, but that is changing.  Buyers now have fewer options and these properties are now on their radar screen.  Some of these sellers are hungry for an offer, so don’t be shy, but keep in mind if it’s a hot part of the market, there may not be much negotiation.

Strong Rental Demand – Hilton Head Island

Never before have we had such a strong demand for vacation rentals and Long Term Rentals  in the Hilton Head Area.  This demand has created opportunity for future home buyers that wants to lock in on low interest rates, low prices and great properties, but are not quite ready to move to the area yet. This also opens the door for the investor.

Surrounded by Beauty – Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head is simply beautiful.  The beaches, the live oaks, palmettos, lush marshes, waterways, architecture and natural beauty all come with a vacation or ownership for free.  To be a part of this Island means more than time or money.  Paradise is found.

Limited Commodity – Hilton Head Island

Last but not least, land on an Island that is 97% developed is limited and finite.  If you have ever dreamed of one day living on this Island, timing is not on your side.  Buyers are increasing their pace and we cannot guarantee that a property will be available in your price range.  We will try to save you a seat, but call soon.  Contact one of our REALTORS today and make a plan of action.