We can help needy sellers!

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We subscribe to the theory that the customer is”always right”, but sometimes  clients are just a little confused.  They may have been conditioned by past markets, but no worries because we will help them get on the right path.  While some needs are impossible to achieve, some are easier than ever.  Let us know if you are a needy seller.

Needy Sellers statements:

  • I need a shorter listing period…
  • I need to take it off the market to give it a rest…
  • I need more money…
  • I need more showings…
  • I need to wait it out…
  • I need….

If you are a seller and have certain needs and wants, give us a call or shoot an email to us at robbie@robbiebunting.com.  We promise to listen and let you know if your needs are achievable!


Favorite Five $1,000 Coupon

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Thanks to all those that have sent referrals recently.  We have sent out the information below to your friends and family and will keep you posted on their interest.  If you would like to save $1,000 big ones on your next transaction with us and have not sent in your 5 names and emails, take a minute now and send us your favorite 5!  We will send the coupon to you and your friends as a thank you!
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Hilton Head Furniture Savings

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This came across our email for any rental property owners looking for some furnishings for the coming season….



Hilton Head Island, SC ~ Help us Grow!

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Jane and I appreciate our relationship with you.  As you know, when it comes to real estate we will jump when you ask us to.  As well, our market research and constant contact has hopefully saved you both time and money.  That said, we need your help to grow.

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Hilton Head Sellers Get Feedback

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We subscribe to a service called Showing Suite for our sellers.  This system sends an email to our sellers everytime their home is shown through a lockbox.  As well, in a day the agent that showed the property is asked 5 simple question including: how they liked it, did it make the buyers short list and will the agent show it again.  Below are some of the seller benefits this system provides.  If you would like to find out more, simply email us or call us at 800-932-3652. Read the rest of this entry

Hilton Head Yearly Rentals in short supply~2012

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One buyer from last year, just purchased their 3rd home because they put long term renters(greater than 12 months) into the other 2.  I called them before they closed on this home and offered another long term rental prospect, but the buyer wanted a place that they could use and enjoy(for this winter at least until we find another one for them).  We asked a local long term rental expert, Keith Miller from Miller Long Term Rentals to share with us some information about the long term rental market needs. Read the rest of this entry

HUD-1 Write-Offs for Hilton Head Buyers and Sellers

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Every year we  send out closing statements to our clients that bought and sold with us the previous year.  We provide this service so that our clients do not have to dig through their closing papers in preparing their tax returns and it saves time as they don’t have to call us.   These closing statements or HUD – 1’s offer possible write offs that sellers and buyers should investigate.

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Go Green On Hilton Head with the 2012 Toyota Prius

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Enjoy the winding streets of Hilton Head with all things flower-friendly, the 2012 Toyota Prius. Named a 2010 Top 10 Green Car by Kelley Blue Book. Toyota is currently on their third generation of the world’s most popular hybrid. One unique feature: third generation Prius models have an available high-tech roof that’s embedded with solar panels that when parked in direct sunlight can power a fan that brings in cooler outside air, ventilating the cabin to the ambient outside temperature. How cool is that? Read the rest of this entry

We want to be the last Hilton Head Realtor you hire!

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We are selling our listed properties and our marketing programs are working in a big way for our seller clients.  We just closed on a 3 bedroom villa on the Island that had been listed with 4 previous agents before the seller came to us to get the job done.

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Beaufort County, SC ~ Delinquent Tax Sale

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Here’s the skinny on the upcoming delinquent tax sale for Beaufort  County.  The opening bid  includes, delinquent taxes for 2010, all penalties and fees, plus the current year taxes for 2011. This is the minimum opening bid.  They accept Visa!  Owners will have up to 12 months to redeem their real property paying you interest for the time that you carried the property (interest shall not exceed the opening bid).  If real property is not redeemed, a delinquent tax sale deed is issued to the successful bidder.  All stamp fees and preparation costs must be paid prior to the deed recording and the property is deeded lien free.   If you would like to do a little digging or due diligence on any of the properties, give me a call at (843)842-0805 or send me an email at robbie@robbiebunting.com.

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