We wish you a Happy New Year!

As we ring in the New Year there are many things we did right in 2009 which we would like to grow upon in 2010.  As well there are many things that we see in the year ahead that we could do better.  Our top ten list includes all the things we are resolved to do better as we serve you in 2010.  It is our hope that you will give us a chance to prove them to you.

1.  We will give you Fanatical Service on Hilton Head Island

We are committed to providing you with Fanatical Service in 2010.  This is the highest level of individual service you will ever experience when you buy or sell real estate on Hilton Head Island.  

2.  We want you to be a “Raving Fan”

Our goal is for you to have a great experience with us as a buyer, a seller or as an agent that sells one of our properties.  We have created a raving fans worksheet for our sellers and are currently developing a similar worksheet for our buyers and fellow agents.

3.  We want to save you money on Hilton Head Island

We can save you money by updating an existing survey, shopping insurance policies, locating the best mortgage rate, updating existing title insurance policies and negotiating the sales price.  We appreciate your business and want you to call on us whenever you need to.

4.  We will sell the benefits of living on Hilton Head Island

We will sell the lifestyle of Hilton Head Island.  Our Island offers our future residents and visitors a long list of great amenities that add value to our properties!  We will sell these benefits to every buyer we meet.

5.  We will share our local knowledge on Hilton Head Island

Daily we help our clients research to maintain or repair  their yards, their homes or their furnishings. Through our daily involvement we are constantly updating our list of vendors and services on the Island.  As this list continues to develop, we would be happy to share our local knowledge with you anytime. 

6.  We will blow your mind with communications in 2010

Nothing is more important than feedback to a seller, therefore it is our goal to flood our sellers with feedback on their property in 2010.  For the buyer, finding the best location at the best price requires being connected, it is our goal to keep our buyers connected in 2010.  For our fellow agents, it is our pledge to provide timely information on our listings with excellent resources and information that you need to help you make a sale.

7.  We will provide the best marketing programs on Hilton Head.

In the year ahead we will be testing and measuring new marketing medias.  Already we are seeing increased activity on our new websites including Activerain, Trillia, BlogHiltonHead, and Posterous.  Stay tuned…we will be adding some great new marketing in 2010.

8.  We will provide great market research on Hilton Head.

We study the real estate market and forcast trends that help our clients.  Through our market research we can provide valuable timing insights for our buyers and sellers that helps them with determining value and help in negotiation. 

9.  We will be green in 2010 on Hilton Head Island

Our company will suggest alternatives that are green in 2010.  We will will look for new ways to use less paper, less consumables and less energy in our day to day business.  As well, we will suggest green alternatives for our homes and villas.

10.  We will change with the market on Hilton Head

In 2009, the market changed.  In the past, we never dealt with short sales or foreclosures and now they represent a large percentage of our Island’s business.  As the market changes, we will update you with these changes. 

Our goal is to help our clients, friends and fellow associates succeed. 

In the year ahead, it is our continued goal to provide valuable information and the best properties in 2010. We want this information to be local and helpful.  We appreciate you passing this information on to others on our behalf and if at anytime you have a specific request, please do not hesitate to email us at robbie@robbiebunting.com .

On behalf of Jane and I, we wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year!