Rental properties never looked sooo good on Hilton Head!

Rental properties may have taken a beating in value but have kept on ticking when it comes to rental income.  While some values have dropped on rental properties as much as 30% on Hilton Head Island, the gross rental income has stayed fairly constant as vacationers recharge their batteries.  Recently purchasers have warmed up to rental properties as they negotiate some very sweet deals on some of the best properties. 

Short term rental properties are defined as weekly or nightly rentals on Hilton Head Island.  Many owners sign up with a rental company to manage and rent their property and subsidize their rental income with a VRBO type internet site.  Here is a sample rental proforma from a great oceanfront villa we offer for sale.  Whether long or short term rental is chosen, we can help you choose the right rental company for you and your property, simply email us at .

Short Term Rental Properties on Hilton Head Island

  1. Villas offer peace of mind as regimes or condo associations actively manage and care for the properties.  We refer to both townhomes and condos as “villas” on Hilton Head.  Most often these properties are owned by out of state owners that rent these properties on the short term rental market when they are not using the property themselves.  The Island offers 1,2,3 and 4 bedroom villas in rental areas including Sea Pines, Palmetto Dunes, Forest Beach, Shipyard and Folly Field
  2. Buy a rental home on Hilton Head Island.  Many villa owners later sell their villas and purchase a rental home that they rent short term until they move permanently to the Island.  Restrictive Covenants in communities often will dictate whether a home owner can rent their property by the week.  On Hilton Head Island, short term rental homes can be found in Sea Pines, Forest Beach, Shipyard, Palmetto Dunes and Folly Field.(please click on the links in villas to see the top ten reasons to buy property in each of these communities)
  3. Buy a Quarter Ownership on Hilton Head Island and use two or three weeks(or more) and rent out the rest.  Quarter-ownership includes 13 weeks of ownership with premier locations in Shipyard, Port Royal and Shelter Cove.  These are both hassle free and headache free as the management company handles all the details.
  4. Buy a Bond on the Beach.  While the Condo units at the Oceanfront Hilton Resort in Palmetto Dunes are a registered security, they offer owners the possibility of visiting the Island during owners meetings and upon availability.  Email for price and information details or visit for further details.

Long Term Rental Opportunities on Hilton Head Island

  1. If you could freeze time, their would never be a better time to buy a home or villa on Hilton Head Island.  The values have been beaten down and some of our properties offer premier locations, pricing below replacement costs and are simply priced to sell.  Buying a home and renting it until you are ready to move or retire with prices below replacement on Hilton Head make sense.  what are you waiting for
  2. Buy a lot, build a home and rent it until you retire.  I have a friend that was a teacher up the north that did just this.  During the 80’s she purchased a home site and built a home.  For the next 10 years she than rented her home until she was ready to retire.  Given lot costs that are lower than I can even remember(1999 prices) and competitive building costs, timing has never been better.

Buy when everyone is selling and sell when everyone is buying!

These resort properties are located in some of the best areas of the Island and are either priced with immediate sale pricing or offer some negotiation.  Many of these sellers and their agents have realized to create a sale, the property must offer compelling pricing to attract a potential buyer.  Unfortunately there is a very limited supply of homes and villas on an Island, so it is better to be here now, than to show up later!

Partnership programs are now available on Hilton Head Island!

We now have partnership programs available on homes and villas around the island.  These programs are offered by existing owners or are groups being set up to buy properties in these premier locations.  For more information, please email us at