Hilton Head’s Bottom is clearly showing

Properly priced Hilton Head properties are now selling.  Reasons include the blending of season, interest rates, bottom pricing and consumer confidence.  The simple truth is “time is at hand and the Hilton Head’s bottom is clearly showing”.  There has been positive movement in the market as some of the older listings sell(some of these should have sold 2 years ago) and the newer listing that are correctly priced are selling quickly. If you are heading down for vacation, schedule your time early in your week.  If you are not planning a trip, now is the time to jump in the car.  Last week we had two buyers jump in their car and they negotiated great deals

We have some Rippin Deals on Hilton Head Island

It is simple, some of the best values we have ever seen are popping up on Hilton Head Island.  These everyday selling values include foreclosure villas, foreclosures homes and value properties.  If you are interested, every week we will be sending out our Best Value and two other properties offering compelling reasons on Hilton Head Island in our blog.  The way to get a deal is to find it before everyone else does.  To do this, let us know what you are looking for by faxing us this “Buyers Menu Checklist” and we will set you up on our free personalized autoresponder through the Hilton Head Multiple Listing Service(MLS)

Sellers on Hilton Head

Early season results are in on Hilton Head Island!  If a Hilton Head owner  is properly positioned in this market , the should be getting showings and offers.  Many Hilton Head sellers may still be waiting for a 2005-2006 buyer, but the sellers that are offering 2010 pricing are seeing buyers and getting offers.  The forecast is that we have a few years of leveling off and do not expect prices to jump back to the old levels.  If you were thinking of holding out for a number that you want, you may be holding on to your property for many years forward.  Is this time and cost worth the wait for you?  I believe it is time now for sellers to  jump in and sell!  E-mail us anytime at robbie@robbiebunting.com for information on selling or buying Hilton Head Property.