The Island Real Estate Market typically slows a bit as we head into the Holidays.  Although it is easier to get a table at some of our favorite Hilton Head restaurantsat this time of year,  our market research shows that Hilton Head Buyers are not sitting back and waiting for their next visit or next year.  These buyers are aligning themselves during this off season with the best properties at great prices and negotiating before the start of the new year.

We have a buyer alert for the following market segments:

  • Villas priced below $350,000 (41 pended last month plus 9 contingent, Oct 2010)
  • Homes priced below $750,000(32 pended last month plus 12 contingent, Oct 2010)
  • It should be noted that properties over $750,000 see sales increase in both November/December

Smart buyers will visit Hilton Head NOW! 

The increased activity in the above market segments are a sign buyers should not take sitting down.  As a buyer you will always find something for sale on Hilton Head Island, just don’t get mad us next year when you cannot find as nice a property and have to pay more.  It is fact that buyers will lose both selection and negotiation as inventory levels drop. 

Perfect timing for Hilton Head Buyers

For fence sitting buyers some of the best deals will be negotiated away as we wrap up 2010.  If you would like a custom list of the Island’s best buys in homes, villas or lots, please email us a price range, area of interest and property type(villas/homes/lots) or fill out our buyers shopping list.  We will send you a list of great properties for your consideration.  By the way, it was noted today in our sales meeting Wells Fargo Home Mortgage stated Beaufort County as a “STABLE” market and Hilton Head Island is located in Beaufort County!

All information is deemed reliable and subject to verification by all parties(Oct 2010 HHIMLS)