As we ring in the New Year there are many things we did right in 2010 which we would like to grow upon in 2011.  As well there are many things that we see in the year ahead that we could do better.  Our top ten list includes all the things we are resolved to do better as we serve you in 2011.  It is our hope that you will give us a chance to prove them to you.

1.  We will save our Hilton Head sellers time in 2011

Time is money.  The longer it takes to find a buyer, the more it costs us and our sellers.  Our commitment to our sellers is to spend the necessary up front time designing a marketing strategy, preparing the property for the market and properly pricing the property from the get go.  We measure our success by the number of showings and offers that we generate.  Sometimes tweaking is required based on this activity.

2.  We will notify our Hilton Head Buyers Immediately

With 25 years of selling real estate on Hilton Head Island we have built strong networks that provide market information and informs of properties often before they hit the MLS.  By building relationships with brokers, banker, business people and neighbors throughout the Low Country our network will help you get the right property at the right price

3.   We will do our best for our Hilton Head buyers and sellers

Anyone can list or show a property, but the bottom line to a higher selling price or a lower purchase price all comes down to negotiation.  We have negotiated Hilton Head Real Estate over and over again and know how to do negotiate the best price.

4.  We will sell the benefits of our unique lifestyle

We love to sell the lifestyle of Hilton Head Island.  Our Island offers a long list of great amenities that add value to our Hilton Head property.  We will include these benefits when we are marketing our Hilton Head properties.

5.  We will refer only the very best Hilton Head service providers

Almost every day we repair, replace, close, insure, inspect, furnish, accessorize, research or in some way improve properties.  Our vendors must receive positive reviews and comments by our clients to be referred by us.  If you are looking for a recommendation, please let us know.

6. Viral marketing programs sell Hilton Head Property

While we embrace the internet to market property, we will continue to build upon the “word of mouth” marketing programs that help us sell our properties .  We attend weekly meetings and welcome invitations to present ourselves to our piers and introduce ourselves and our properties.  We will continue to call around our listings to inform neighbors, experts and prospects about our properties and tap into the river of communication within our neighborhoods. 

7.  We will seek out the latest and best technologies for our clients.

We will find the best technologies for marketing and communicating to our Hilton Head clients .  We will be proactive and seek the best systems.  Some of the past resources we have found to promote our properties included  Activerain, Trillia, BlogHiltonHead,, Posterous and every social network possible.  Marketing methods will continue to evolve and we will constantly seek the best for our clients.  Stay tuned….

8.  We will provide great market research on Hilton Head. 

We study the Hilton Head real estate market to spot trends for our clients.  Through our market research we can provide valuable timing insights that can help in negotiation.  Computers provide information, our goal is to provide knowledge.

9.  We will become even greener in 2011 on Hilton Head Island

Our goal is to use less depletable resources, yet provide more service.  We now have the ability to do more for our clients with the aid of the Internet.  Our sellers receive weekly marketing reports, feedback from agents, and contracts via the Internet.  We even provide our clients with lessons on how to use and interpret the information we provide via the Internet.  Please note we are still capable of faxing, phoning or mailing if you prefer.

10.  We will provide exceptional one on one experiences for our Hilton Head clients.

Jane Hyers and I are service fanatics and provide great, caring service that produces results you can count on.  Our goal is to take your expectations to a new level and provide the very best real estate selling or buying experience you will ever have on or off Hilton Head Island. 

Our goal is to help our clients, friends and fellow associates succeed. 

In the year ahead, it is our continued goal to provide valuable information and the very best marketing for our properties.  If at anytime you have a specific request, please do not hesitate to email us at

On behalf of Jane and I, we wish you a Happy Hilton Head New Year!