The one thing that has been warming up recently is buyers shopping for Hilton Head vacation properties on the internet.  Web shoppers are once again thinking about warmer places as temperatures hit single and negative digits around our country.  While everyone is cold right now, Hilton Head’s weekends forecast is in the 70’s.  While snow or cold bound, we have listed below information to help Hilton Head Shoppers find a warmer spot this winter.

Hilton Head Vacation Properties – Running the Numbers

It seems to be a dream come true…renting your Hilton Head Vacation property to defray the costs of ownership.  If a property has been on the rental market it has a rental history that can help determine the anticipated rental income going forward.  If a property has not been on the rental market, a planning session with your Hilton Head Properties agent can help you determine the best rental options for this property.  Some of the expenses for ownership are explained below.

Rental Commissions – Vacation Rental Commissions are higher than annual rental commissions as there is a lot more turnover during the busy summer season and there are other times of year that the property sits vacant(the key is to fill up those empty weeks when you are not using it).  Commission rates vary from about 10% – 30% depending on the involvement of the rental company.  Of course, be sure to block out your weeks before you ever start the season.  After all, this is why you own the property in the first place.

Regime and POA fees – Villas and condos in the Hilton Head Area have what are called “Regime Fees” this is the same as a condo fee in other areas.  Every Hilton Head Regime is different as to what it covers.  Some include insurance, water and cable in their monthly costs, some do not.  Typically regime fees will include landscaping, pool maintenance, trash pickup, pest control(inside and out), exterior maintenance(exceptions include compressors and sometimes windows) and working capital.  A POA fee is for properties that are located in a gated community and cover the road, common area maintenance and security.  Click here for the HHI POA FEES  on  and off the Island.

Write-offs – Of course, second homes write off interest and taxes, but what if you rent it out.  What applies?  This simple 14 day test gives an idea as to what is deducible and what is not.  Of course check with your financial advisor or CPA to determine what applies to your tax situation.  We have a program that can help us analyze the costs vs. income for any property.  This is an example.  As we get closer to determining the right vacation home property we will complete this analysis for you.

Hilton Head Vacation Properties – Internet Shopping Tips

The best advise we can give to someone who is searching for the perfect vacation property on Hilton Head Island is to sign up for a free link that emails properties to you as they are offered for sale or adjusted in price.  It would also be suggested to get your agent set up a Hilton Head MLS Link.  This link is free and can be very specific in its search criteria.  Listings are emailed to you in real-time as they are listed for sale. This is the best way to get a jump on a great property and if a property pops out at you, get in touch with your agent to scout it out ASAP!

Hilton Head Vacation Properties – Researching a property

Ask your agent to email you the details on any property that you find on the internet.  Hilton Head agents have access to pricing history, sellers disclosure, plats, costs of ownership, rental histories, elevation certificates and market research.  If and when you do find a property that holds interest, your agent can help you establish a negotiation strategy based on recent Market Trends December 2013.  Keep in mind that if a property is a HOT property, you should be prepared to move fast.  This could involve writing an offer with a contingency that is subject to your satisfactory review and visit within a certain amount of time.

Hilton Head Vacation Properties – Establish a ground team

Shoppers of Hilton Head vacation properties should become empowered with a local REALTOR standing by.  Agents can help with buyers with their research including closing costs, ContractMortgage Lenders, insurance providers and rental histories.  As baby boomers continue to add more candles to their birthday cakes, the cold weather, the low-interest rates, and the increase in consumer confidence…2014 will be the year to buy Hilton Head Vacation Property!  Check out some of the best properties we offer.