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Hilton Head ~ Luxury Short Sale Negotiator

We hope for our Hilton Head clients and friends that they explore their options when it comes to selling if you owe more than the market value. Don’t move into a denial position and don’t kick the ball down the street. John Bonwitt has information he can share with you confidentially.

7 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Seller’s Agent

Your home is likely the largest financial investment you have, so it makes sense to carefully choose the right Hilton Head agent to represent you when you sell it. The best real estate agent will walk you through the whole process, showcase your home in the best light, give you feedback from showings and open […]

Are you still UNDERWATER and ready to move on?

Most of the sellers that we have worked with are just ready to move on in their lives and are tired of throwing good money after bad. While it is not guaranteed that he can help you, it is worth the conversation.

Short Sellers ~ No time to Procrastinate

Bottom line is anyone even considering short selling in 2013 and is challenged financially needs to act now. The fact that this debt may be considered gain after 2012 should get some serious buyers off the fence now.

Short Sales vs. Foreclosures on Hilton Head

A short sale is the process of selling a property for less than what the bank is owed. The banks benefit in short sales as they have sellers living in the property paying the light bills and the bank avoids foreclosure which can ruin properties.

Upside down in your Hilton Head Property and Struggling?

Our short sale sellers on Hilton Head Island have included villa owners, second homes owners on the beach, permanent residences in and out of gated communities, horse farms and even large estates. These sellers entered the real estate market and went to a price below what they owed in order to get a sale on their property. Our short sale team successfully negotiated these short sales with their banks. Through these experiences, our team has put together addendum, established contacts, and gathered the tools to successfully negotiate with the bank. This is what is now referred to as a “Short Sale”

A Short Video on Hilton Head Short Sales

This is what of our Hilton Head sellers said about a short sale Sam and I helped him with…”Both of you guys Rock! Your professionalism & tenacity to close the deal despite all the obstacles is unmatchable. You’re the best on the island in my book!” Check out this link to our Short Sale Articles

Part Sheep dog, part Realtor on Hilton Head Island

With a dash of caring persistence and a good positive expectant attitude we motivate others to step up their game. Whether it means reaching the key person at a bank, the right words for an agent working on selling one of our listings, helping our buyers structure a complicated deal or in some cases adding big pinch of urgency to get everyone off center,

How to buy or sell a short sale on Hilton Head Island

Although one purchaser on Hilton Head said “They really need to change the name to something like long sale, it has been anything but short” he can still look back and know that he got a deal. As the agent representing the seller on this deal I must mention that he was the 3rd purchaser on this deal and it really took 3 times what he had experienced

Rules for Short Sales on Hilton Head Island

If you are a buyer or seller and are wondering what a short sale is and how you can benefit, shoot us an email at or call us toll free at 800-932-3652. Essentially a short sale is selling a property for less than what is owed the bank. We have worked out many short sales for our buyers and sellers and have found that although time consuming, they can be a way for a purchaser to get a great property or a seller to get their otherwise upside down property sold.

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