Are you “window shopping” for your next Hilton Head property?

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Window Shopping for Hilton Head real estateHilton Head Buyers are “window shopping” more than ever before with information literally at their fingertips.  Their computers become the storefronts for searching  Hilton Head Homes, Hilton Head Villas, Hilton Head Lots, Hilton Head Foreclosures, Hilton Head Short Sales, Daufuskie Properties and other great listings.  Nowadays a buyer can shop for real estate without anyones help, but it can be a lot more productive with the virtual assistance of a Hilton Head Realtor.  Read the rest of this entry

“Silly” asking price or fair market value?

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My coach corrected me other day when I told him that we were asking some silly asking prices on some of the properties around Hilton Head and Daufuskie Island.  He told me to take “silly” out of my presentation and replace it with “fair market value”  I had been protecting myself and my sellers from reality by using the word “silly”.  Made me think about all the sellers that had told me that they will “wait it out” because they were not going to “give” their property away.   Read the rest of this entry

Robbie Buntings Newsletter ~ May 5, 2011

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Just click on the link below for my latest newsletter.  Thank you,  Robbie–Buy-on-Hilton-Head-Island.html?soid=1102437386910&aid=07bON84obJQ.

Do your duty and refer a Hilton Head Realtor today!

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America’s economy moves when real estate sells.  It is that simple.  In every economic downturn, real estate has turned it around.  Of course real estate is selling again, but not fast enough.  One way to really super charge this economy is to refer your local Realtor or Hilton Head Realtor to just five buyers and sellers.  By referring a real estate agent, you will now be fueling the economy with new buyers or sellers and taking charge of our countries future.  The nice thing about referring a real estate agent on Hilton Head Island is that not everyone has one and many dream of someday owning property in a beautiful sub-tropical area like this.

What can you do to help the Hilton Head economy turn around?

Your real estate agent probably spends more time prospecting than actual selling today and we all need to be out selling more.  Buyers used to be easy to find, however now with the internet they are harder than ever for agents to identify and to help.  If you were to send your agent just five(5) new e-mail contacts from your sphere of influence, you would be giving this country a big boost and speed up the process.  Whether it is contacts from work, church, school, family, the club or acquaintances this grass roots move will help this economy move faster and forward.  It is really that simple.  Thank you.

Rent vs. Buy on Hilton Head Island

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Do you dream of living on Hilton Head Island?  Are you budget conscious?  Good news!  Iit is now cheaper to own a home rather than renting a similar home on Hilton Head Island.  Based on the low mortgage costs and the attractive pricing the Island offers, the buyer in our example saved approximately 12% extra* per month.  With the rising costs of rents and a limited availability of good rental properties, future residents should consider buying property rather than renting a property in the current market. Read the rest of this entry

Spanish Wells Top Ten List on Hilton Head Island

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Spanish Wells Read the rest of this entry

The Principle of “Cause and Effect” on Hilton Head Real Estate

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A few years ago you could not pick up a paper without reading more bad news about the economy.  Since than, the news and the economy has gotten progressively better.  The question is has the news gotten better and therefore the economy or has the economy gotten better therefore the news.  Nonetheless, good news is getting easier and easier to find and as we read it, we will record it below in chronological order.

Good Hilton Head Real Estate News:

Is your Hilton Head Real Estate Partner wearing rose colored glasses?

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The current Hilton Head Real estate market is difficult to understand and with a partner it may be near impossible.  I met a client the other day that has “partner real estate” in Hilton Head and he told me he has been chasing the market for the last few years because of his partners.  Seems every time he wants to set a price, his partners outbid him and set a listing price higher than what the market will entertain. Read the rest of this entry

Big values at Robbie Bunting

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Robbie Bunting
Big Values At Robbie Bunting
The following properties have been recently updated for the current market.  Some had value change, some had new features added and some were just too hot a property not to mention.  We hope you avail yourself to these properties and let us know if you would like more information on any of them. They are linked to the virtual tour feature, so just click on the photo to see the rst of these properties.
373 Fort Howell 

Palmetto Hall

373 Fort Howell
Classic 3BR w/media room


Value: $499,000

6 Rosebud 

Daufuskie Island

6 Rosebud
Casual 5BR Fairway


Value: $399,000

3408 Windsor 

Palmetto Dunes

3408 Windsor Court
Direct 3BR Oceanfront


Value: $1,079,000

35 Water Oak 

Palmetto Dunes

35 Water Oak
Quiet 2BR end unit


Value: $296,000

30 Tucker Ridge 

Palmetto Hall

30 Tucker Ridge
Fabulous 3BR one level


Value: $425,000

228 Fort Howell 

Palmetto Hall

228 Fort Howell in Palmetto Hall
Superb 5BR Home


Value: $649,000

316 Fort Howell 

Palmetto Hall

316 Fort Howell ~ Hilton Head Home
Beautiful 4BR + Den Home


Value: $639,000

3 Mimosa  

Folly Field

3 Mimosa
Almost new 4BR w/pool

Value: $475,000

114 Evian Villa 


114 Evian Villa
Free Standing 3 BR Villa


Value: $499,000

There simply is no time like the present.  If you would like to get your foot in the door or find out about any of the other properties we offer, please let us know.


Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers

Information is deemed reliable and subject to availability.
Free Warranty
With every home or villa purchased in the next 30 days we will include a free AHS 1 year warranty for all buyers that work with Robbie Bunting or Jane Hyers as their agent.  The above listings are included or any other property in the Low Countr.
Offer Expires: June 30, 2011


How’s business on Hilton Head Island?

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The other day I stopped at a local shop on the Island.  The owner was friendly and I asked him “how’s business?”.  His answer was “I work every day”.  After walking away I thought about his answer as it not only stated a work ethic it stated so much more.  It was said in a tone of pride and gratitude that he had customers, he had a business and he had the ability to serve them.  Wow.


Jane and I work every day on Hilton Head Island

As we work forward in real estate, when someone asks us “How’s Business?”, our reply is going to be “We work every day” .  We are grateful for our clients,  the work they give us and the chance to have a business on this wonderful Island.  With pride and gratitude we can make a difference in their lives.

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