Thanksgiving Hilton Head Island Style!

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Listed below are some great ideas and restaurants for your Thanksgiving Day Feast on Hilton Head Island.  Whether take out, buffet or sit down we have listed some of our favorites.  This list was put together by a friend after polling agents on the Island for their suggestions.  We will update this every year, so please feel free to share with us any additions or comments.

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Half Backs on Hilton Head Island

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As a teenager, I visited the Island in 70’s with my family. We all fell in love with the charm of the Island and one by one we all moved our families here.  Visitors just like my family are doing the same thing.  They have been visiting the Island for vacation and are returning to the Island when they are ready for a change in lifestyle.  It is familiar and comfortable.  These visitors are creating market trends that are fairly predictable which include Half Backs, Be Backs, Boomers and the upcoming Generations X & Y. Read the rest of this entry

The Hilton Head Article Shared Round the World

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Last night I got a call from a Kentucky client that owns a second home in Palmetto Dunes.  He asked if I had seen the Wall Street Journal article titled Vacation Homes: Why it May Be Time to Buy.  It states “The blue-chip market consists of a handful of spots where prices have stabilized and could soon rebound as sales pick up. Some, such as Hilton Head, have benefitted from tough restrictions on building, which kept inventories manageable during the bust. Prices there have risen by 4% during the past year.”   Read the rest of this entry

We love sending you Hilton Head’s Best!

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Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Associates~

If you take a few minutes we will reward you with our appreciation and our promise to make our weekly Hilton Head Island e-blast more fun and interesting.  Please click here to take our survey and help make this e-newsletter become something you love to share and open!

All our best to you,

Robbie Bunting and Jane Hyers

The Hilton Head Real Estate Resource

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Consider this website as your comprehensive Hilton Head real estate resource. Here you can preview properties for sale in the Hilton Head area, tour our Hilton Head neighborhoods and, if you like, maybe even get to know us better. It’s all about providing you the tools you need to confidently complete your Hilton Head real estate transaction. Those tools include easy to use Hilton Head property search tools and Hilton Head area info. If you need our expert Hilton Head real estate assistance, we are a click or call away. No pressure, no strings – just great service!  Visit this site here+

Hilton Head Island Fishing Trip

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Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Associates~

If you live on an Island, you need to get out in a boat.  We met Captain Hancock the other day.  He is a great guy and runs charters out of Shelter Cove Harbor.  The nice thing about inshore fishing with a local guide is you can catch some great fish without traveling very far.  Check out his “Fishing Inland” article and call him to schedule a weekend or your next visit.  It is all about the water…R

What’s Inshore Fishing on Hilton Head in 250 Words or Less?

That’s a tough one.  Let’s start by defining inshore.  Inshore is a term used for all waters inland of the embarkation line.  This is an imaginary line that separates island water from offshore waters, in most cases where the ocean meets the sound.  This includes all the rivers that come together to form the sound, the expansive mud flats, and curling feeder creeks that look like wandering arteries into the salt marsh.  All of these ebb and flow twice a day much like a heart beat carrying detrius, a soupy mix of plankton made up of decaying plant and animal material, back to the ocean.  This is what gives our local waters its distinctive green color.

Next, let’s list some of the fish that you can catch there.  These nutrient rich waters are home to a variety of game fish that include greats like the redfish (a.k.a. spottail bass), the picture perfect speckled sea trout (the king of camouflage), the flounder, and the sheepshead, a likely character from a dentist’s worst nightmare.  In addition to these resident fish, Hilton Head’s inland waters plays host to a number of migratory fish that included thirteen different species of shark, the especially tasty cobia, and the notorious tackle-buster known as the tarpon.  All of which present great opportunities to hone you skills as an angler.  So, whether its sitting in calmer waters eyeballing a cork or experiencing a 100+ pound tarpon tail-walking across the surface of the water, doing its best to break your line and your will, you’ll find what you’re looking for inshore!

Captain Alec Hancock

Remodeling, Intent, Golf and Open Houses on Hilton Head Island!

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Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Associates ~

A long time ago, a fellow agent pulled me aside and said, “Robbie, clients really do not care know how much you know, until they know how much you care!”  This has helped shaped my future dealings with all buyers and sellers.  Along the way though I have also learned that buyers and sellers want a few basics before they get down to business.  These basics include competence, confidence and an intent statement.  They become a road map for the sales process to flow smoothly.  +++CLICK HERE to read about freebies, competency and intent!

Here are some other interesting links:

+++CLICK HERE if air conditioning replacement is suggested!

+++CLICK HERE for new remodeling trends for villas and homes!

+++CLICK HERE for pre-packaged golf rounds on Hilton Head!

+++CLICK HERE for five great Open Homes this Sunday!

We are building our business on each success, this is a recommendation written by one of my clients recently:

“Robbie is efficient, personable and effective. Always gets answers, always stays on track, always listens and does whatever is humanly possible to work with your through a project. Highly recommended.”

Enjoy Fall on an Island~~

Robbie Bunting

& Jane Hyers


P.S.  This is the time of year to think cozy and intimate.  la famiglia is located in Plantation Center behind Santa Fe and offers a great Eggplant Cutlet Parmigiano at lunch.  CLICK HERE+++ for four special offers.

Remodel and enjoy Hilton Head Island!

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Dear Clients, Friends and Fellow Associates~

Why renovate before you sell your property?  The benefits of remodeling now include making your space more livable with savings that are available today.  I asked Bunting Construction on Hilton Head Island to give us some insight to remodeling.  Although Bunting Construction has built intricate ocean-front homes with artists that paint ceilings, they started their business remodeling older homes in the Sea Pines area.  The company does not settle for middle and simply does things right with a high standard and a fair price.

A note from Scott Bunting of Bunting Construction

Thanks for calling us about the building and remodeling trends on the Island.  We have found that our clients often know what they want and have some very good ideas on how we can help them when it comes to remodeling projects on their homes.  We have been blowing out spaces to create new and exciting environments for them.  We recently completed a remodel on an oceanfront villa in Palmetto Dunes and took this villa to the studs(see our website below) and redefined and improved the space.  

Our recent projects include:  

+ Kitchen Areas – A kitchen is the heart of a home and many of our clients are opening up their kitchen to other areas of their home.  The advantage to this project is we can take this space and make everything open and brighter with the benefit of more space.  We often remove walls and relocate cabinetry to accomplish a better utilization of this space.  Many of our kitchens are also adding new granite countertops, additional counter space, cabinetry, recycling centers, walk in pantries, and island work areas.

+Sun Porches – Bring in the Sun!  Given the cooler temperatures we are experiencing outside, many of our clients are looking to add a screened in porch to their existing home.  We have found that these porches can coexist with side or back areas of the home as they meet set-backs.  We have also been adding some skylights so we do not darken interior spaces that are adjacent to these porches.  As many of our clients wish to use these spaces year round, we have also been adding windows and doors to create a great sun room.

+Master Suites – It is said kitchens and baths can sell a home and many of our clients are looking for more closet space in their existing master bedrooms.  We have found that often we can combine space from other areas including screened porches, offices, closets and hallways to reconfigure the space and provide bigger and better master suites.  Our projects usually include adding linen closets, separate showers, higher vanities, and whirlpool tubs. 

Despite the economy, remodeling is still one of the better and stronger investments anyone can make because you get to enjoy it now. At Bunting Construction we are set to help your clients with these projects.  We work closely with both an interior decorator and designer to make this process seamless and easy.  Our pride is in our craftsmanship. 

If you have something that you would like us to look at give us a call or have your clients contact us directly.  Thank You.


Scott Bunting
Bunting Construction Company, Inc
0ffice 843-842-9033  Fax 843-842-9209  Cell: 843-384-7468

Real Estate 101 on Hilton Head Island!

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Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Associates ~

A long time ago, a fellow agent pulled me aside and said, “Robbie, clients do not care know how much you know, until they know how much you care!”  This has helped shaped my future dealings with all buyers and sellers.  Along the way though I have also learned that buyers and sellers want a few basics before they get down to business.  These include competency, confidence and an intent statement that become a road map for the sales process to flow smoothly.

Competence on Hilton Head Island

The competency statement is a chance to provide the seller or buyer with your resume and credentials.  It needs to be factual and straight to the point.  One I have used is, “Before we get started you probably have some questions about me.  I have been a REALTOR now for over 24 years on the Island (new agents should use company credentials i.e. My company has been in real estate since 1979)and have been serving clients just like you through these years.  I love what I do and have a great assistant and company that backs me up every step of the way.   I work hard to know the current market, the opportunities it presents and am able to advise and help you achieve your goals.  OK, lets get started”  Every agent should have a competency statement prepared.  It does not have to be canned, it just needs to be conveyed in the beginning as they do not know who you are!

Confidence on Hilton Head Island

You have one shot at a good first impression.  Through the years I have learned in Real Estate that there are certain freebies for REALTORS and the first impression is an easy one.  Freebies for Realtors include being prepared, appropriate dress, clean automobiles, being on time, and a postitive attitude.  Confidence is an inside job, but some confidence builders include smile,  hang out with positive agents, attend presentations by your Board, read positive material(www.bloghiltonhead), listen to motivation tapes, and skip the headlines.

Intent in Hilton Head Island

Before an agent should ever interview for a listing or show property, they need to establish intent with their client.  An intent statement is as simple as asking a purchaser if they have their “checkbook” before showing any property.  Here is one I have used, “Today we are going to see some great properties.  If we discover a property that  matches your needs now or in the future, I am going to ask you to buy”  Is that OK with you?”  The beauty of a good intent statement is that it allows everyone to relax through the process and unites the agent with their client in a common goal.

Bottom Line

As professionals, competency and intent statements can make the difference between making a friend and also making a sale.  Good Luck and… 

Happy Selling!!!

Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers


Great Listings t0 practice with

Reassessment 2009 for Hilton Head Owners.

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Dear Clients, Friends & Fellow Associates ~

If you live in Beaufort County, you probably have some questions regarding the Beaufort County Reassessment 2009.  I asked a Cerified Residential Appraiser to address my questions and she would be happy to address yours.  Of course, she can also help you appeal your taxes if you are interested.  Please read on:

A note from Marsha Rabun:

By now, all Beaufort County property owners should have received a property reassessment in the mail. The SC state legislature has mandated a reassessment every 5 years. The last assessment was dated December 31, 2002 so the current assessment date is December 31, 2007. This is necessary to compare all properties in the County at a single point in time.

For a home that has not transferred title, the assessed value of each property in Beaufort County is capped to a 15% increase by a state law passed in 2006. It is capped at the 15% increase, if it does not transfer title, for the next 5 years, if no physical changes are made to the property.  For instance, if your assessed value in the last assessment was $300,000, the current capped value could not be higher than $300,000 + 15% of $300,000($45,000) or $345,000.

Also due to the state law passed in 2006, if your home HAS transferred title by sale, to/from a trust, or by will since January 1, 2007, there is a Point of Sale reassessment(AKA Assessable Transfer of Interest) which MAY be greater that the 15% capped assessment on the property had it not transferred. If it transferred in 2008, its value  will be “trended back” to the December 31, 2007 date based on comparable properties-like properties in a similar location selling at that time. 2009 sales have not been considered at this time. 
As a homeowner on Hilton Head Island, you may not be satisfied with your assessed value and may think it needs to be appealed.  There are few important points to remember and consider:

  1.  The date of the taxable value placed on your property is December 31, 2007 and that date cannot be changed, although the market value may have declined.  Sales from 2007 and as late as very early 2008 may be considered as comparables, not sales later in 2008 and 2009. Think about what your property was worth in December 2007, not today. 
  2. If you feel your property is assessed incorrectly due to significant discrepancies in physical data, -factual errors-in overstating living area  and features, this may be grounds for an appeal. However, if these errors that have been made are in your favor, an appeal may bring them to light and you may end up with a higher but at least more correct assessment. If you have questions about the physical characteristics of your property, you may go to, and under Departments, go to Assessor’s and go to Property Max and enter your last name or tax account number to find living area and other features considered.    
  3. Most market values should be within a reasonable range of market value as of December 31, 2007. Remember it is the “Taxable Value” that is important. Assessor’s office personnel are available for questions at 843-470-2522(Beaufort, 843-757-1500X 226(Bluffton), 843-341-8411(Hilton Head Island).
  4. If you would like to appeal your taxable value, you have 90 days from the date of the notice from the Assessor’s office to file the appeal.  You can file the appeal yourself, or have an “Authorized” person file an appeal for you. Only certain people may be “Authorized” including Attorneys, CPA’s, Corporate Officers, Full Time Employees, Partners , Fiduciaries, IRS Agents, and SC Licensed Certified Appraisers. There are several good appraisers in the area who could act as your authorized representative since they would also be able to do an appraisal of your property as of December 31, 2007 which would be helpful in proving your case. Real estate agents and brokers cannot be authorized to act on your behalf unless they also fall into one of the other categories. Proof of eligibility and written consent from the owner/taxpayer must be provided to the Assessor. 

I hope this information has been informative. Please let me know if I or any of my colleagues may assist you in appealing your new taxable value.

Marsha W. Rabun
SC Certified Residential Appraiser #2691
Rabun Associates LLC
P.O Box 23674
Hilton Head Island, SC 29925
Office Phone-(843)686-3344
Cell Phone – (843)384-3214
Email –

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