Technology is changing the way we do Hilton Head Real Estate!

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scrolling through mobile phoneWhen was the last time you hopped in your car to start a Hilton Head real estate search? Most buyers today just pick up their phones or jump on a computer to instantly view Hilton Head Properties.

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Mapping out Your Hilton Head Real Estate Strategy

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Hilton Head PropertiesExploring Hilton Head Real Estate?  We have listed below tools and links that will help mapping out your search.  Real estate in the Hilton Head Area offers villas(the local word for both town-homes and condos), homes and lots(the local word for residential building sites).  Some of the best real estate is currently offered for sale!  Happy searching!

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Pricing Property Properly Prevents Poor Marketing Performance

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One of the problems with today’s real estate market is there are some sellers that don’t know the differerence between value and price.  Sellers need to know that ignoring value is a form of denial!  The best way to determine if your price is close to value is to look at the number of showings or offers a property has had.  The further these two are apart, the less activity a property will get no matter how big the ad is or how good it looks on a website! 

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How to buy a property on Hilton Head Island

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When it comes to buying a Hilton Head Island property, there are many steps to take to be certain you are getting the best property at the best price.  Let’s face it, no matter how good the deal is, if momma does not like it, there is no reason to even go there.  In the present market, eliminating properties is the way to find the one you like.  It’s like weeding a garden, sooner or later you will find the plant you want to keep.  In the following steps we will walk you through buying a property on Hilton Head Island.  Read the rest of this entry

The more in the Hilton Head Market the better it will be!

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Are you a thermostat or a thermometer? 

In case you missed it, The Hilton Head Area Association of Realtors invited us to speak on the topic “Sales Up, Rentals Up, Are you up” with Johnny Ussery.  Together we presented the ways and reasons that we keep ourselves motivated and enthusiastic about selling Hilton Head Real Estate.  I could not believe I was on the same ticket as Johnny Ussery.  Not only is Johnny one of the most inspirational speakers on real estate in the country, his words match his passion perfectly.  He has succesfully coached salespeople in the sell out of many communities.  He inspires and moves agents into the market with a positive expectant attitude even when faced with challenge.  We have had many requests from Realtors that attended or heard about Johnny Usserys presentation and we hope to be forwarding this to you in the very near future.  In the meantime, below are some thoughts we shared: Read the rest of this entry

Relocating To Hilton Head? Allow Us to Help

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Are You Ready To Relocate To Hilton Head?

If you’re relocating to Hilton Head, consider as your exclusive real estate resource for relocation information for the greater Hilton Head area. Here you are able to access comprehensive area information, easy-to-use search tools and exclusive content about neighborhoods in our area. Because Hilton Head is a vibrant, growing city, home buyers here and those relocating to Hilton Head have many real estate home buying options including:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Country Club Homes
  • Custom Luxury Homes
  • Golf Course Properties
  • Gated Community Properties
  • Click here to read more

Cool Hilton Head Real Estate Searches

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Hilton Head Advanced Home Search

Robbie Bunting

Hilton Head Island Real Estate Market Trends July 2010

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Dear Clients, Friends and Fellow Associates~

Below is our Hilton Head Monthly Market Trend Report for July 2010.  This report is exactly what it’s name implies; it’s an “at a glance” report of current Home, Villa and lot trends for Hilton Head Island. 

This market research tells us where the most robust (busiest) price segments of the market are – i.e. it will tell us where the activity is and where it is not.  It shows the number of listings and the sales that occured last month in each pricing segment.  It also shows negotiatiability, the average listing to sale price, the days on the market and the number of months of inventory.  The last column shows the increase or decrease in the remaining months of inventory from the month prior and helps us spot possible trends.  Take a look below and than call us to explain how this report applies to the timing of your Hilton Head Island purchase or sale. Read the rest of this entry

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