New Language for Realtors in a Buyers Market

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Listed below are some of the conversation turning points we have had with our Hilton Head sellers, purchasers and fellow agents in 2010.  Of course, this is a new language that we have had to learn to react to the changing market.  All bets are off next year as the pendulum shifts to a buyers market or somewhere in the middle. Read the rest of this entry

Hilton Head Real Estate is polar opposite!

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In the 25 years of selling real estate on Hilton Head Island, I have seen buyer cycles come and go.  Although this cycle may appear longer or deeper than the others, it too shall pass.  One thing I have found in these cycles is that the very best real estate deals are often struck when the news in the papers is really, really bad.  That said, the recent NYT article “Widespread Fear Freezes Housing Market” triggers another good reason to buy real estate on Hilton Head.  While it may have made every buyer and seller shudder, one agent said it perfectly when he stated “Do the opposite of what they say in the newspapers when you buy and sell real estate on Hilton Head Island and your timing will always be good”…and the local numbers support the reasons why! Read the rest of this entry

Prepared Sellers will sell on Hilton Head!

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Meaningful conversations are not always easy!

It is said meaningful conversations contribute to happiness.  One agent explained that he has been telling good people some tough stuff lately.  We all seem to dance around the tough subjects, but certainly it makes more sense to have a meaningful conversation before a selling season.  These tough conversations often revolve around issues including access, condition or price with timing on the sellers side for the upcoming fall season!  Read the rest of this entry

Real estate 101 ~ The perfect order.

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The perfect order

As in life, timing is important in every real estate transaction.  I have spent 25 years learning timing techniques for my clients and their Hilton Head properties.  These timing benefits allow my Hilton Head sellers and Hilton Head purchasers to take advantage of the market and the timing opportunities offered.

Read the rest of this entry

Timing Opportunities on Hilton Head Island

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Staging or furnishing deadlines!

The days of no interest, no payments will soon be gone at Rooms to Go.  If you want either Vacant Home Staging or just some additional pieces of furniture and not make a payment on until 2012 please let Kalyani know ASAP. The last day to be able to order is 2/15/10! I’d need to have everything ready to be ordered by then.
Kalyani Persons
Home Staging In Paradise

Are you making a move on Hilton Head Island?

Deadlines are rapidly approaching for Tax Credits for first time home buyers and home sellers considering moving up.  The Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009’s tax credit of up to $6,500 for qualified move-up home buyers ends April 30, 2010. You can purchase by June 30, 2010 but must have a binding sales contract signed by April 30, 2010.  The first time buyers tax credit of up to $8,000 for qualified first-time home buyers purchasing a principal residence also ends April 30, 2010. A purchase completed by June 30, 2010 (with a binding sales contract signed by April 30, 2010) may qualify.

Historically low interest rates, historically low housing prices in most areas and great values in the move up home market make this the perfect time to act. Call me for a free consultation to run the numbers for you. Don’t miss out on the great values!

Looking for an FHA loan on Hilton Head?

There is a strong indication that loans handled by FHA Mortgages, will be changing in the near future. These FHA backed mortgage programs are going to be adjusted or even overhauled.  These changes, depending what the changes are, will most likely influence the real estate market as a whole. 

During the real estate boom the use of FHA mortgages dropped to around 2% of the loans.  That figure has shot up to 25% and even higher in some markets.  Any substantial changes to FHA lending requirements could affect in some cases, the most active segment in many real estate markets. 

Congress is pressing on FHA to tighten the standards toward borrowers.  The options on what they will do to tighten these standards are broad and could include increasing FICO scores, require more amount of the down payment and reducing Seller contributions to closing costs

All these have been expressed and are being explored and if you are a buyer that needs an FHA loan, the time to act is now!  Don’t take a chance on time…email us today at or call us toll free at m1-800-932-3652 to get your foot in the door now!

Shipyard and Port Royal Top Ten Reasons to buy Property.

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Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Associates~
This week will be spotlighting the Top Ten Reasons to buy property in Port Royal with its 1,173 acres and its beautiful 3 miles of watefront.  Also spotlighted is the Top Ten Reasons to buy property in the 800 acre Shipyard Plantation with its ocean access and central location…enjoy!

Shipyard Plantation

  • It has great Beach!  A major attraction for Shipyard residents, guests and visitors is the community Beach Club on the oceanfront.  The Beach Club events include Mens and Womens group, educational events and multiple social gatherings. There is a convenient walkway to the beach, restrooms, showers, and over 400 beach storage lockers that are rented by property owners below the Beach Club. 
  • It has great security!  Shipyard has two gates in two different areas of the Island. Shipyard offers 24 hour security and roaming patrols.
  • It has great golf!  Three nine-hole golf courses, recognized as some of the best in the country by the Senior PGA Tour, are available to residents and visitors. Shipyard also features a tremendous practice facility. 
  • It has great neighborhoods! There are two residential neighborhoods that wrap around 27 holes of golf. 
  • It has a great location. Coligny Plaza is less than one mile and there is easy access to restaurants, stores, banks, movie theaters, a local hardware store, and the the post office.
  • It has great bikepaths.Bicycling is very popular in Shipyard, and there are more than twelve miles of bike paths.  Along gorgeous lagoons these paths complete the community, making it one of Hilton Head’s most desired communities.
  • It has a great Hotel! The Crowne Plaza Hotel adds restaurants, Health Club, lounges and conference facilities.  Some of the Residents and Guests favorite dining spots are located at the hotel including Signals, Docker’s, Portz, and Brellas Café.
  • It has great Tennis!  Shipyard is also home to the Van der Meer Tennis Center. This club has been ranked as one of the countries top twenty- five clubs.  Tennis Magazine has dubbed Shipyard Racquet Club, built for Billy Jean King, one of their “50 Greatest Tennis Resorts in America.”  
  • It has a great master plan.  Shipyard was developed with special consideration given to complementing rather than competing with nature.  It just feels good as you wind through the community by bike or even in a car. 

Shipyard Properties for sale and thier price ranges
Shipyard Homes                    $343,000 to $769,000
Shipyard Home-sites           $269,900 to $399,000                                    
Shipyard Villas                       $182,900 to $599,000

Port Royal Plantation

  • It has a great neighborhoods.  Port Royal offers two very distinct neighborhoods.  One is completely private and limited to permanent residents and long term rentals.  This community offers 900 single family residences.  The other neighborhood offers second homes, resort villas and the Westin Hotel.
  • It has a great beach. Port Royal stretches over 3 miles of shore line with Atlantic Ocean beach and winds around to the sand covered walking beach of Port Royal Sound.
  • It has a great master-plan.  The unique Port Royal Plantation has over 1250 acres and 2100 homes with oversized lots.
  • It has great security.  Completely Private Security Gate with access for owners and their guests(no short term rentals) and a 24-Hour Full Area Coverage by Port Royal Security.
  • It has a great waterfront club.  Private Port Royal Beach Club offers an olympic sized swimming pool and kids pool overlooking the Port Royal Sound.  This recreational facility also offers members club house(for private functions), playground, basketball and beach access. 
  • It has great history.  Once 60,000 union troops lived here and this was also the landing for Captain William Hilton’s discovery.  As well, the steam gun and Fort Sherman are remnants left by soldiers during the civil and Spanish American wars.
  • It has great tennis.  Port Royal Racquet Club offers 16 courts with Clay, Grass and Hard Court Surfaces.  No matter where you choose to live, as a tennis player you may want to look at the membership programs offered here.  Inside the gates are Four tennis courts, two of which are lit for members and guests.
  • It has great golf. Port Royal offers 54 holes of legendary golf nestled within one of Hilton Head Island’s most pristine plantations along the Atlantic coastline. Designed by some of the best golf architects – George Cobb, Pete Dye and William Byrd with the Barony, Planter’s Row, and Robber’s Row.
  • It has great Hotel.  The Westion Resort, the only 4 star hotel on the Island, provides a health club that locals can join(or day visit), an excellent seafood buffet and fantastic dining choices. 
  • It has great neighbors.  Events include women’s Friday morning coffee, men’s friday lunch group, numerous social clubs, speakers and special holiday events are just a few things that make this community great.

The links below will allow you to visit some great properties in Port Royal.

Port Royal Homes                         $343,000 to $   769,000
Port Royal Home sites                $325,000 to $2,495,000
Tennis Village Villas                    $329,000 to $   799,000

We hope you enjoy these benefit lists.  Next week we will hi-lite Long Cove and Folly Field.  If you would like a complete ownership package that includes maps and best buys please let us know. 

Be sure to visit our website to see all of our great listings(click listing link at the top of the page).  We stand ready to open the doors for you anytime on any property in the Low Country. 

Thanks to our great sellers and buyers that are working to turn this economy around.  

Happy Summer Days on an Island….
Robbie Bunting & Jane Hyers

Think TRADE!

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Dear Friends, Clients and Fellow Associates~
The window of opportunity for trades is not forever.  Trades have flourished in this market because sellers are looking for creative alternatives to reducing expenses or want to move up.
The key to a succesful trade is to negotiate the difference.  It really does not matter what the selling prices are once you have arrived at the difference.  This can be established from a recent appraisal or even fair comps from 2 years ago.  The difference is the difference.  Here is a list of trade properties.  Please email me if you have a property in mind that you would like to trade.  Thank you.

  1. A 1 bedroom Beachwalk + a four bedroom remodeled home – looking to trade for a ocean oriented rental home or deepwater residential home up to $1 mill. 
  2. A 2 Bedroom Turnberry($329) – looking to trade up to a 3/4 bedroom villa in Sea Pines, Shipyard or Palmetto Dunes up to $550,000
  3. A 3 Bedroom Queens Grant($349) – Looking to trade up to a harbor or marina view with 3 bedrooms ($600)
  4. Leamington Lagoon lot ($729,000) Will trade for a rental home or villa of equal or lesser value.
  5. Haig Point waterfront 5BR home($1,895,000) will trade for improved commercial up to $4,000,000. 
  6. Daufuskie Oceanfront 3 BR penthouse($1,000,000) Will trade for an oceanfront lot at Bloody Point.
  7. A 4 bedroom Palmetto Hall home($639,000) will trade for a 2 bedroom villa up to $350,000 in Shipyard, Palmetto Dunes or Sea Pines
  8. Large 1/2 acre lot with private dock ($569,000) will trade for a rental property or commercial property of equal or less value.
  9. Brand new 5 bedroom oceanfront Home ($4,995,000) Will trade for an oceanfront lot/teardown or oceanfront villa.  Alternative looking to trade up to 200 unit apartment complex(A or B quality) anywhere in the southeast. 
  10. A 2 Bedroom Oceanfront Hampton in Palmetto Dunes -Will trade to a 2 bedroom Wendover, Huntington, Abbington or Captains Cove.
  11. A 5 bedroom Leamington home ($1,995,000) – Will trade to an oceanfront/near ocean villa ($700-)
  12. A 4 Bedroom Palmetto Hall Home($975,000) will trade for a lot, villa or smaller home under $500,000.
  13. A Big Palmetto Hall Lot($250) will trade for a gated home on the Island that is truly exceptional in a gated community up to $1 mill.

You can view many of the above properties by clicking My Listings.  Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss the process or email me at  Thank you.

Happy Trading~
Robbie Bunting
& Jane Hyers
P.S.  Thanks to our great sellers and buyers that are turning this economy around!

As we 2009 winds down…

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For Sellers:

Home Sellers: Is 2009 the Right Time to Put Your Home on the Market?


As 2009 winds down, savvy home buyers are looking to leverage the Obama Administration’s Tax Credit to their optimum advantage. Slated to end on November 30th, the tax credit is sure to create some activity with buyers as 2009 winds down and the November 30th deadline looms. This might be an ideal time for some home owners to put their home on the market and take advantage of this in 2009 versus waiting until 2010. However, NOW may be the the time to move on this for many home owners.

If you would like to find out if now would be a good time to put your home on the market, I am offering a free consultation for a limited time to help home owners weigh the pros and cons in order to make the best decision. To take advantage of this offer, please contact me today to schedule an appointment. Don’t miss out.

Thank You,

Robbbie Bunting

P.S.  As all homes are part of the same food chain this can have a trickle up effect to more expensive properties.

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