The Real Selling Seasons on Hilton Head Island

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Contrary to popular belief, summer is not the biggest selling season on Hilton Head Island.  While the Island is busier, the agenda for families visiting Hilton Head during the summer is rest, relaxation and time with their families.  Even if they are considering buying property in the area, their family time is too valuable to go real estate shopping.  This also gives them a good excuse to return again in the fall!

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Are you in your “Forever” property?

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Percheron 28 40If you have your forever property or you are waiting a few years to get it, consider the advantages this market currently offers.  With the uncertainty surrounding mortgage interest rates and increasing property prices, savings could mount to 100’s of thousands of dollars for forever owners and buyers that act now.  These savings can be a real game changer.  Here’s why.

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Reason’s to Buy This Summer on Hilton Head Island

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This summBeach towel shoter when you are at the beach, go BUY some Hilton Head Real Estate.  Here’s why.  Sales are up 12.9% over last year and because we live on an Island, inventories cannot keep up with this growth in sales.  Listed below are both logical and emotional reasons to buy real estate this summer in the Hilton Head Area.  We have something for everyone in all price ranges, but our recommendation is “Don’t take a chance on time!”

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“Face Time” Your Next Real Estate Purchase

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Real Estate Buyers Love Face Time!

More and more agents are selling properties using “face time” with their buyers.  In the past, buyers had to travel to see the property before they would ever consider purchasing.  Using face time and turning the phone around allows a buyer to walk through a property with their agent, asking questions as they go.  Some buyers never stepped foot in the property until closing. Read the rest of this entry

5 Best Strategies for Hilton Head House Hunting

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Hilton Head PropertiesSpring is here! The warmer weather, beautiful flowers, and longer days are perfect for viewing Hilton Head Properties in person.  It’s no wonder that the spring season is the most popular time for buyers to start looking at properties and communities in the Hilton Head area.  Before you jump in the car or book a flight, we have listed the 5 Best Strategies for Hilton Head House Hunting below.

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Meet Hilton Head Properties Realty and Rentals

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Hilton Head Properties Realty and Rentals is a unique one stop shop for all your real estate needs. Whether looking for a special property, a great vacation rental, property maintenance or thinking of selling, Hilton Head Properties exceptional people and services will make it easier. We offer a proactive approach to real estate and rentals whether visiting for a week or looking for something more permanent.  See our video introductions below and feel free to call on any of us anytime.  Thank you.

It is our goal that our services will allow you to enjoy all that Hilton Head offers!

5 Tips for Hilton Head Sellers Who are Not Selling (Yet)

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Harbourtown OakSelling your Hilton Head property may be an idea you are seriously considering, but that does not mean you are ready to put your home or villa on the market just yet. You may be waiting to pay off your mortgage, you may be waiting for the kids to move out, or you may not be ready yet to part with all the memories yet.  But that does not mean you don’t have to start preparing your property to sell. Read the rest of this entry

Top 3 Reasons to Get Pre-Approved for a Hilton Head Mortgage

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Hilton Head Proeprties R and RBefore you start your Hilton Head property search, you want to know how much you can afford, right?  There are two ways to do this: with a mortgage pre-qualification and a mortgage pre-approval. As a Hilton Head buyer, the pre-approval is more valuable to you during your property search.  Here’s why.

How Pre-Approvals Help Hilton Head Buyers

One of the main differences between mortgage pre-qualification and mortgage pre-approval is how the lender gives you the mortgage amount.

calculator and finance sheetFor pre-qualification, you give the mortgage lender your general financial history (including debts and income), and the lender gives you a mortgage estimate. For pre-approval, the lender digs deep into your credit report and gives you the exact loan amount.

If you’re choosing between getting pre-qualified for a home mortgage and getting pre-approved, choose to get pre-approved. Here are the top three reasons why:

3. Shop for Hilton Head Real Estate with a check in your pocket!

There are no estimates in a pre-approval. The lender has looked into your credit history and you’ve given the required documentation to go through with the pre-approval process.  A mortgage pre-approval is not a commitment to the loan, but it paves the way to transition into applying for a specific property — your dream home in your price range.

2.  You Can Narrow Your Hilton Head Property Search

person searching online on laptopSearching through online listings can be tedious.  How do you narrow down your Hilton Head Property search and eliminate properties that don’t work?

When you’re pre-approved, you’ll know exactly what you can afford, and you can tailor your property search around the mortgage amount. Now you can easily search through the listings with confidence and knowledge on what you can afford.

1. Hilton Head Sellers Will Take Your Offer Seriously

Hilton Head sellers like to see that you’re pre-approved — it tells them that you’re serious about buying their property.  In fact, when you’re competing with other buyers to make the best offer on your dream property, being pre-approved will give you the competitive edge over buyers who are not.

We’re Your Hilton Head Real Estate Experts

If you want more information about the mortgage pre-approval process or about finding the perfect property that fits your lifestyle, contact us today and we can get started. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the mortgage pre-approval process in the Hilton Head Area.

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6 Simple Home Decorating Ideas for Fall

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orange leaves in the fallSeptember is quickly approaching! That means it’s time to bring out the jackets, long-sleeve shirts, and denim jeans.

But what are you doing to bring your home into fall?

Here are a few easy decorating ideas you can do to welcome the cooler temperatures and beautiful colors into your home.

DIY Home Decorating Tips for Fall

You don’t have to paint your walls or buy new furniture to get your home ready for fall.

Instead, you can use some simple seasonal tricks to welcome autumn leaves and pumpkin spices into your home, and impress your visitors in the process.

1. Bring Out the Cinnamon- and Pumpkin-Scented Candles

The smell of those warm spices gently wafting throughout your home is enough to energize you for the season.

Light a few candles in your kitchen or living room, as well as other rooms that receive the most traffic in your home. Your home will be looking — and smelling — festive in no time.

2. Stick a Seasonal Flag Outside

Personalize your front yard by placing a welcoming fall flag by the mailbox, in your front garden, or hanging from your front porch. Let people know that you’re ready for autumn!

3. Swap Out Your Dining Table Centerpiece

Put the colorful summer tones away for next year and bring out your festive fall accents.

roses and flowers in table centerpieceMake a seasonal statement with the centerpiece on your dining room or kitchen table. Some simple autumn centerpiece ideas include:

  • red, orange, and yellow pillar candles
  • roses or colorful leaves in a vase
  • small pumpkins
  • old-fashioned lanterns
  • a bowl of apples

4. Hang a Festive Wreath on Your Front Door

Add some fall foliage, colorful ribbon, or burlap accents to an autumn wreath and catch the eye of your friends and neighbors.

People tend to notice your home’s decorations when they first spy your house, which is why front door accents are often included in tips for increasing curb appeal. Display your fall home readiness with a red, gold, and brown wreath on your door!

5. Decorate Your Shelves with Pine Cones and Oak Leaves

If you have a mantle above your fireplace or an empty space on a bookshelf, fill it with simple arrangements of fall foliage — pine cones, oak leaves, acorns, and pumpkins.

To truly make a statement with your decor, pair vibrantly colored leaves with a white or neutral color base, and enjoy the display capture the attention of passersby.

white fence outside house in autumn6. Put a Pumpkin on Your Front Porch

Nothing says fall as much as a round pumpkin sitting on your porch steps.

When pumpkins come in season, you can purchase one for Halloween fun or simply as a seasonal accent.

Staging Your Home for Sale This Fall?

These DIY home decorating tips work well to increase your curb appeal if you’re selling your property this season.

If you have any questions about home staging tips or about selling your home, contact us at any time. We would be happy to provide you with the answers you need.

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The right app for Hilton Head Real Estate

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Businessman with question markDid you know that one out of every three listings on most real estate web-sites(including Zillow) either do not exist, were sold years back or are mispriced today.   We refer to these as “ghost listings” and have had calls from very frustrated buyers trying to find them.  The best way to avoid the ghost hunt is to go straight to the source for Hilton Head Real Estate information.  Listed below are Hilton Head MLS approved apps every serious buyer should download. Read the rest of this entry

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